The Tug of War Challenge

The "Tug of War" utilizes a specially made double track line,
where two locos can pull and push against each other,
to see which is stronger.

This track has been wired up to allow 
two models to run on 16V together at the same time!

It's HORNBY versus BACHMANN!!!


Match 1: Percy VS Percy

Result: Hornby Percy Win

Match 2: James VS James

Result: Hornby James Win

Match 3: Toby VS Toby

 Result: Draw

Match 4: Spencer VS Spencer

Result: Hornby Spencer Win

Match 5: Edward VS Edward

Result: Hornby Edward Win

Match 6: Bill & Ben VS Bill & Ben

Result: Hornby Bill & Ben Win 3-0

Match 7: Team Thomas Rumble!

Match 1: Traction Tyre Thomas Win
Match 2: Hornby Thomas 2010 Win
Match 3: Hornby Thomas 2010 Win
Match 4: Original Team Thomas Win