Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Updates & a Re-design

I intend to completely overhaul the Hero of the Scales blog, amongst other things, whilst I work on the BMM giveaway video.

One of the things which will change greatly is the emphasis on Thomas - I want this to become a more model railway orientated blog in future.

The re-design is going to take some time, particularly as we'll have an all new set on which to test models in future.



  1. So, do you mean you that you will do fewer video relating to Thomas models? I do look foward to your other reviews, but I am just curious as to whether or not you will continue the Thomas videos.

  2. NOOO SIMIERSKI, STOP!! I Don't want to see you reviewing non-Thomas stuff!! Do you hear me, STOP!!!

  3. Make Henry vs Henry. People want to see the review and you are taking forever.
    Please upload the video now!