Thursday, 23 August 2012

"You cannot be serious!"

One of the reasons I have been reluctant to post more Thomas review videos for a good while has been done to some of the YouTube comments I get on a daily basis. I don't expect everyone to agree with me, and it would be a pretty boring life if everybody did (!) but some of the things which get thrown at me are, to say the least, incredible.

This for example, from "Thegodsrighthandman" on YouTube this week, regarding the Diesel VS Diesel review:

 Sorry but how did Bachmann win?

Hornby had Much better detailing through and and through, engine covers, rivet lines etc . . . The cab was hollow allowing for drivers to be sited, the side rods were finer quality and the face was correct. It had equal pulling power and better speed.

Did you fail it just for being discontinued? What about ebay prices?

There's summat not quite right about this . . . .

How Much Did Bachmann Pay You????

So to clarify (once again) the two brands, Hornby and Bachmann, are marked on different criteria. For Hornby it's adherence to the prototype, for Bachman it's to the TV series model. Bachmann's Diesel model nailed the criteria I was marking it on. Hornby's didn't. The side rods are incorrect compared to the prototype, it's not scale length, there are many incorrect details including engine covers, exhausts, and so on and so forth. If Bachmann had paid me I wouldn't have taken the mickey out of the Bachmann Diesel's face!

So to remove any doubt, I only get paid by YouTube for my videos. There is absolutely no commercial arrangement with either Hornby or Bachmann.

However, that wasn't the end of the story from Thegodsrighthandman this week...on the Edward video, this is what was said:

I'm sorry. I've watched several of these vid's an' I'm not gonna watch any more.
You are obviously Payed by Bachmann.
The Bachmann Models are based on the Dreadful US-made Thomas series. Rev. W Audrey is turning in his Grave at what they have done to it. The faces of the Loco's have little individuality so they have become Bland. The story teller is Bland. The stories are Bland. The characters have been changed to be so PC they are Bland as well.
D/L the Ringo Starr series. So Much Better!!!

I can't tell if he's being serious or not...

To clarify a few points: Awdry is spelt thus and not Audrey.  The two models are (like in the Diesel VS Diesel review; like every review in fact) marked on different criteria.

Hornby's choice of the D49 as a basis was an odd one and the wrong one in my opinion.

The current storytelling of the TV series isn't down to me I'm afraid, so not quite sure why I'm getting the blame for it. Incidentally, the TV series is not US made (up until this year it was made by a Canadian company called Nitrogen Studios, prior to that it was all filmed in the UK) and the Bachmann models up to Bill & Ben have been drawn from the UK made series 1-5.

So you imagine my frustration with having to deal with this sort of nonsense. I'm not paid by Bachmann. If I were, I'd give much better reviews. I wouldn't have completely undermined the Bachmann Percy's design (which is still very poor compared to the high standards set by Edward, Bill & Ben and Donald & Douglas) either.

I am however (against my better judgement) working on several new videos, including Murdoch, Oliver and Mavis, so Hornby VS Bachmann will return around September time.

Until next time.



  1. I wouldn't get discouraged by rude comments by someone who is so blind/wearing a blindfold,is not involved with the TTTE community, has no subscribers, no videos, and a blasphemous username.

    1. I agree, some people a just stupid like that. Don't let them get you down. If you stop, they win. :P

  2. I really don't get it. If the human race is supposed to be one of the most intelligent species how does it breed stupidity like Thegodsrighthandman?! It seems that humanity is devolving now...

    I wouldn't bother with comments like that. I think he just wants the attention, and he's just not worth putting your reviews off for.

  3. haters are gonna hate.... don't pay any attention to them and then you can't be touched... please make new videos again :(

    1. He has a job and other responsibilities, so new videos will be very difficult for him to produce regardless

  4. forget him Simon. he is a hater with no life. I like your reviews, so keep it up. and thegodsrighthandman is not what his username says.

  5. I understand just how you feel Simon. I can't wait to see the next Hornby vs Bachmann video in September. By the way, how is the Pre-Kipper Henry going for you?

  6. I'm loving your videos. Keep up the good work! It's great to see the Bachmann and Hornby side-by-side.

    It's a shame trolls have to try to wreck the fun, but know that there are folks out there who appreciate what you do.


  7. Some people are really rude. But I love the Bachmann vs Hornby videos. And I can't wait for the new onees! Don't let a few people spoil it for you. looking forward to next month!

  8. That person is obviously an idiot who doesn't do his research properly or even know what he's talking about. Especially when it comes to the Edward model.

    I look forward to the next reviews and the mysterious Henry vs Henry review/kitbash.

  9. *sigh.....* What is the world coming to...? Clearly, this is a person who is just an idiot that likes to hear himself be right, when in reality he's making an ass out of himself. I don't think he realizes that for ebay prices, they aren't considered RRP, since it's a site for bidding and so, to my understanding, fluctuates up and down a bit. Also, how did he not see how Diesel and Edward's models for Bachmann were spot on and not like see how Hornby's models of them were 'slightly' off (maybe slightly wouldn't be a word I should use here...)? Idk, maybe not educated well enough would be his problem.

    I, for one, look forward to your videos and if criticisms are needed (theoretically), I'll at least point them out in a well-thought out fashion, unlike that moron there.

  10. Don't let stuff like that bother you man. Your videos are awesome and they really help me decide when buying specific characters.

  11. I just want to say forget him... And thats ir. No more problems

  12. Simon, don't pay any attention whatsoever to that selfish jerk. Your videos are excellent. I find them very entertaining, and instrumental in helping me to choose the right models. We supporters of your work urge you to continue with your videos. I am a huge lover of Bachmann's Thomas range, and I feel that Hornby's aren't really that fantastic aesthetically. As for the Diesel model, so what about the face? Sure, I would have preferred something more villainous from the 1986-2007 era of Thomas & Friends, but it captures the CGI face perfectly. The siderods are just sublime, too. Even if they are grey, which actually isn't an issue with me at all, as that was the colour they were through Seasons 2-5. It gives it a bit more of a classic look. I fully understand how you feel, as I have been getting some horrible comments from other users, just because my opinions differ. So rest assured that while there will be he negative comments and opinions for your work, there is a lot of support for your work as well. Your work's good. Don't let them beat you!

  13. Its funny how he picks on your ones where Bachmann wins yet you never see him comment on a victory for his beloved Hornby same with the obsessed Bachmann fans you can see them complain and call you names on the Hornby victories but not for Bachmann ones.
    Really this guy is either a troll or just a fan who will complain about anything he doesn't agree with the fact no one has blocked him is amazing

  14. Listen to what you think and don't let other people make you glum.

  15. Bah. Can't these people just see that this is only OPINION and that there is no real "fact" to this(besides the prices, weight and all that)??? People's choices and views of something are their own, and if they think that way good for them. If they think opposite, good for them as well!! It's just not adequate to state that someones opinion is wrong. To be honest watching the review videos i respect the opinions, and if I object I don't have to BLURT OUT in the comments unless its actual agreement of praise(which I haven't done at all despite my respect of an opinion).

    In all, Thegodsrighthandman should be taken care of in my opinion. That's my take of it.

  16. Also, I hate that these negative views are making you, Simon, halting your videos. Its November 2013, over a YEAR since this post and promise for more videos were made, and I'm DYING to see more reviews. I guess i have to thank my anger of a lack of more video reviews to the people who like to put bias and negative out on the reviews. I hope you continue to make those videos, because people are willing to see them. Don't stop the videos just because people object to the opinions you give (in all,Thegodsrighthandman needs to see the truth and the clarification in this post, along with other negative commentators).

  17. Forget about what that person said, Simon. He is clearly out of his mind, who ever he is, and should probably go complain somewhere else. Please continue your Bachmann vs Hornby reviews so you will get more subscribers and detail the good and bad aspects of these models. Make these quickly now, you haven't posted a video or review since April 2013.