Wednesday, 27 June 2012

"Changes afoot - new videos coming up!"

I have promised new reviews - and they will be coming later this year. Murdoch, Oliver and Mavis will be incoming during September.

There's been a few changes to the video descriptions and this blog too. My preferred supplier for the Bachmann range in the UK used to be trainsontime, but they sadly closed this year, for completely fair and understandable reasons.

Happily, the chap behind trainsontime has set up a new mail order business, and as a token of my appreciation for the hard work he's put into setting up the new "The Dieselworks", all of my review videos now have in the description:

Simon's preferred supplier for the Bachmann Thomas & Friends Range is:

It is, after all, true! I wholeheartedly reccomend

Until next time!


  1. I wish that guy all the success in the world, and I wish you luck with your reviews :)

  2. Same here Simon, its nice this guy has looked at your videos and hosted them.

    A chap i knew on the Midland line was eager in purchasing more Bachmann models, i'll be glad to inform him over this site :)

  3. Wow congratulations! I'm looking forward to the reviews.

  4. Simon,
    I think that this should go farther than here, I am posting this on the TTTE Wikia
    Few minutes later...
    I'm back and it's up there. Thank for the recommendation.
    Keep on reviewing,
    Jacob C.

  5. Thats nice Simon :)its good that there will be more reviews on the way looks like september will be even better for me now!

  6. Rob Helson-White16 July 2012 at 12:12

    I'm the one who said I'd change to my real name.
    Good idea to change it, that's what makes your reviews so interesting but please still include the Team Tug Of War, I want to see the Diesel models conquer the other engines. Now I'm going to check out the Dieselworks. Good Luck withthe reviews... and your job!

  7. Good luck with being an author for kids books!

  8. All good. Your reviews are very professional. We're all looking forward to more of them. Can we have another review where Team Thomas gets foiled? Keep up the good work, mate. James.

  9. where are the reviews?