Saturday, 21 April 2012

"The Virtue of Patience"

 There is a point where I begin to wonder: why bother?

I have had a spate of comments on this blog with some pretty uninspiring stuff being posted. The sort of things which have a wholly negative effect.

Well, here is that update. The Murdoch review is in the filming stage, and due in no small part to my full time job, and The British Railway Stories, which I am working on very hard, is being delayed until I can be satisfied it is to my own exacting standards.

You'll forgive me I hope for not wanting to emulate many of the extremely poor reviews by the rest of the fandom; which do not go into the pinpoint, precise, and carefully considered commentary that the Hornby VS Bachmann videos do. There are exceptions, of course, which are a lot better.

So why post now? Well, here's a selection of the comments:

Well it's been a month and no sign of a new review yet. :(
Understandably, I have been very busy, and the review series is a "nice to have and fun to do" additional on my Youtube channel, which is primarily there to promote my made for Youtube The British Railway Stories, and the companion books.

The relief at reading the next comment was palpable!

Simon's probably got loads going on in the 'outside' world.. it'll be here whenever he can get it here.
Honestly I didn't know about this until just now, and I'm very excited. Hornby's Murdoch is a good-looking engine, I'd love to see a full review on it, especially from Simon!
Henry's review should be excellent as well. :)
 I am extremely grateful for comments such as the above. A proper grip on reality, and a positive outlook. A personal thank you to Lightninging93 is in order.

Then we get this:

Simon.....I love and respect you dude. Your videos are awesome. I understand you have tons work and a life....but seriously.......It's been over a month and nothing.....smh

Then this:

I agree with you man. Understanding can only go so far...You are supposed to be running a website. At least give us some updates.

And this:

Is this website even being run anymore?

All "Anonymous" of course, because they are far too many cowards in this fandom who don't want to be held to account for their own failings in life.

Yes it's still being run: no, I don't have any updates as yet: and I do not owe anyone a living on Youtube, Blogger or elsewhere.

You might not see a new Hornby VS Bachmann video for another six to eight months, know this now. Real life is currently rather tough with a job which sees me driving all over London and the South East, day to day, racking up in and around 450 miles a week.

So in short - have some patience, please.



  1. having a job that takes you long distances from your home is not easy to work around, trust me im holding uni and two jobs at the present moment.
    Si, i appreciate your work as anyone else would, informative, witty, and quite amusing to watch. so dont give up. Me and many others will be happy to wait till you're ready.

    as for the other "ahem" fans, they will just have to learn to wait.

    keep going strong simon,


  2. I wouldn't let "fans" like those get you down. They probably have nothing better to do if all they're doing is spreading the negativity like that. And them posting is "Anonymous" is, as you ay, pure cowardice on their part.

    Your reviews are by far the best around and are probably the only ones I ever watch as they cover all the bases, unlike 99% of "reviews" online posted by random people...

    I really wish you the best of luck with getting The British Railway Series off the ground in the publishing world, as well as with the CGI era of the web series. People should realise that these reviews are low on your list of priorities.

  3. Posting as anonymous cos I don't have an account. I really like you're reviews, and I don't mind waiting for a year for your Murdoch review. But I hope it will not be a year=D

  4. Simon you do great reviews! There great to watch on a weekend and they give you an idea of which is the best train and which is best for how much you pay (because they are expensive). Don't worry about how long it takes for you to get your next review up and running. Everyone of your fans will be very excited to see your new review. Great work with the other reviews Mate.
    good luck

  5. Your videos are the best including your reviews and The British Railway Seris are excellent and I enjoy wacthing the episodes. Anyway you are right patience is a virtue. It will be worth the wait when a next video comes out. Good luck with your job!

  6. The Hvs.B series is what made me^ find BRWS. Both are very awesome!

  7. Six to eight months? Oh dear. Ah well. I really admire your work Simon, I understand that you've got a lot on your plate right now and I hope that everything works out in the end. You're doing an astounding job as is.

    Good Luck! -M.

  8. I`m sad. I love hornby vs bachman. well at lest get dart and merdoch. bye.

  9. You are doing a great job! just keep up the good work.

  10. Thomas Newman4 May 2012 at 00:42

    I have no idea what your job is, but from the sounds of it, it is tough work that involves driving many a length to get to. Of course you are not going to have the time to make a review right now, and that's completely understandable that it is taking this long.

    I am looking forward to the Murdoch review, but I am patient and I'm sure the end result will be worth it (as the other reviews have done in the past). By all means Simon, take your time =)

  11. I agree with Simon. We all need to remind ourselves that these reviews and updates he posts are his hobby, not his vocation. We all need to be more appreciative and respectful of his personal life and things going on outside the blog. After all, we are very fortunate for him having made these videos for us.

    Timothy Brandt.

  12. I feel you, Simon. None of those idiots no anything about my friend...A LIFE ANYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Looking forward to the future.

    Your Fan and 60163 Tornado Fan,
    Jacob C.

  13. I completely understand Simon. You must have quite a busy life. It is completely understandable why you have not posted any updates on the Pre-Kipper Henry or anything else for that matter. I think that your reviews are awesome and I hope that your work with the British Railway Series goes well for you!

  14. i don't mind waiting simon you have work to do and getting the brws book released people need to understand you can't do everything at once and we should be grateful you make 2 youtube series at once plus other videos

  15. I understand Simon. Trying to juggle a job and get a book published at the same time sounds like a lot of work. To be honest, I just watch the reviews for fun. The British Railway Stories will no doubt be your greatest work and worth the wait. I'll happily wait for the next review. Just ignore all those 'anonymous' comments and you'll pull through. Besides, if a new review doesn't come out for sometime, I just watch the old ones. There's a lot of them!

  16. I really do enjoy your reviews, and given the quality of the videos, I don't care if you don't make another for years. As I know it will be worth the wait. Besides, people should have a life besides waiting on a computer screen for something new from a YouTuber. So, good luck on future endeavors, take care!



  17. If my comments are irritating you (my last is the one at 08:07 I can stop. You having a job is understandable, we all have lives of our own and no one can be against that. To this day I will include my name instead of Anonymous.