Saturday, 21 April 2012

"The Virtue of Patience"

 There is a point where I begin to wonder: why bother?

I have had a spate of comments on this blog with some pretty uninspiring stuff being posted. The sort of things which have a wholly negative effect.

Well, here is that update. The Murdoch review is in the filming stage, and due in no small part to my full time job, and The British Railway Stories, which I am working on very hard, is being delayed until I can be satisfied it is to my own exacting standards.

You'll forgive me I hope for not wanting to emulate many of the extremely poor reviews by the rest of the fandom; which do not go into the pinpoint, precise, and carefully considered commentary that the Hornby VS Bachmann videos do. There are exceptions, of course, which are a lot better.

So why post now? Well, here's a selection of the comments:

Well it's been a month and no sign of a new review yet. :(
Understandably, I have been very busy, and the review series is a "nice to have and fun to do" additional on my Youtube channel, which is primarily there to promote my made for Youtube The British Railway Stories, and the companion books.

The relief at reading the next comment was palpable!

Simon's probably got loads going on in the 'outside' world.. it'll be here whenever he can get it here.
Honestly I didn't know about this until just now, and I'm very excited. Hornby's Murdoch is a good-looking engine, I'd love to see a full review on it, especially from Simon!
Henry's review should be excellent as well. :)
 I am extremely grateful for comments such as the above. A proper grip on reality, and a positive outlook. A personal thank you to Lightninging93 is in order.

Then we get this:

Simon.....I love and respect you dude. Your videos are awesome. I understand you have tons work and a life....but seriously.......It's been over a month and nothing.....smh

Then this:

I agree with you man. Understanding can only go so far...You are supposed to be running a website. At least give us some updates.

And this:

Is this website even being run anymore?

All "Anonymous" of course, because they are far too many cowards in this fandom who don't want to be held to account for their own failings in life.

Yes it's still being run: no, I don't have any updates as yet: and I do not owe anyone a living on Youtube, Blogger or elsewhere.

You might not see a new Hornby VS Bachmann video for another six to eight months, know this now. Real life is currently rather tough with a job which sees me driving all over London and the South East, day to day, racking up in and around 450 miles a week.

So in short - have some patience, please.