Thursday, 16 February 2012


Oh look:

Bachmann Duck with moving eyes

So for those of you who doubted mine and my source's credibility, I only have one thing to say...



Looking forward to revealing more as it arrives in the Hero of the Scales office.




  1. As i said on SIF i didn't really want to be involved in the whole Duck rumour thing that went off here, i believed that the moment the announcment was made and the letters were made italic that the news was true...

  2. Ha, it's funny 'cuz it's Duck.
    I am still waaay too excited about the arrival of Duck to the Bachmann range, I look forward to more updates from your blog as time goes on. :)

  3. XD, I laughed at the quack.

    Being honest, never doubted you and your source for a second :)

  4. I already have the Hornby Duck, but he gets stuck every time he runs over the power track on my uncle's layout. So I'm definitely getting Bachmann Duck.

  5. LOL at QUACK. Hornby should have really kept Duck as part of their Thomas line up. Did you all get the 411... Hornby brought back Stepney and Spencer!! :D So that's all I got to say.

    Hope Bachmann release promo art of Duck
    Jacob C.