Sunday, 12 February 2012

"Duck-ing for Cover"

It's not often I get a bit of amusement from the Bachmann Trains Forum, but seeing the comment below this evening really did make me laugh:

Hey, hey, hey. What if Duck wasn't announced this year? You gotta think, it was Simon who brought the news. If it's false, then you can say goodbye to him. That will practically destroy his reputation to fans everywhere.

First and foremost, my contact - a very good one who has been on the ball for nearly four years of knowing him, hasn't been wrong before. The unfortunate thing is that I've never reported in four years any of his tips previous to Bachmann making their own announcement.

Out of respect for his privileged position and his confidence, no, I won't be revealing my source. Anyone who thinks I should needs a reality check. You don't reveal sources if it puts someone's job on the line. It would be a disgraceful thing to do. Disgusting at that, and more than likely despicable, too!

Secondly, over at the Sodor Island Forums, we had confirmation from a completely separate source, that Duck was on the cards from Bachmann. Their source had different dates of release to mine, but the overall information remained the same. My source said late 2012, theirs said late 2012 probably early 2013.

Ryan and I decided to make a bit of a thing about it last week because, purely and simply, we want people to support the Duck model when it comes out, and we want people to support the excellent Bachmann range. No ifs, ands, or buts.

If you support the quality products, you get more quality products. That's why the Bachmann Diesel popped out of nowhere last year, when people were clearly buying into the superb Bill & Ben models of the year before.

Credibility isn't about getting it right all of the time - it's facing up to when you've got it wrong and putting your hands up and saying "we're wrong". In this case I don't think we are wrong, at all, particularly with the very credible and very separate sources we have..

HOWEVER - if by some way we've got it wrong here, then I'd go back to my source, Ryan to his, discuss what's happened, and then we'd come back with an explanation and an apology. That would be the right thing to do, and we would be sincere about it.

On the flip side, there is always one user somewhere who wants to blow things out of proportion anyway. I think we've found that particular one for this month!

In any event, I'd like to think my "reputation" with this fanbase would be based on more than just a single bit of product news...!

Until next time - night all!


  1. My apologies, Simon. I just wasn't too sure as of yet if the news was true or not. Besides, if the information was actually false, then a lot of people would be pretty angry. I might have over exaggerated what I said there, but still, I don't think people would actually believe you if you said something was going to be released when what was said before was not true. We will wait in the coming days, but if you actually were wrong, (Not saying you are)then there are gonna be some pretty furious people with you. Once again, forgive my offense.

  2. "Furious People"

    Over a model train? Let's say hypothetically that the model isn't officially announced for another six months. Does that mean Bachmann aren't working on it? Of course not.

    What if it does appear closer to 2013? Does that automatically make me a liar? No, of course not.

    You seem determined to make out my information is false, and undermine me, when you have no credibility yourself.

    Not very fair is it?

  3. Don't worry, I have every faith in you, SiF and that source. And if (a big if) the source is wrong I will have no hard feelings whatsoever. It would have been a mistake. And EVERYONE makes them sometimes.

    I just think the guy being pessimistic is just jealous that he wasn't the first to hear the news :P.

  4. What people fail to realize, is that model engines don't just appear out of thin air.. It takes months of planning, development and construction to make a decent working model, and with some models, there are flaws, which the manufacturers have to be aware of and pick up on before the final products go into and through production!

    Have patience, I'm sure that Simon will reveal more news, when the time comes!

    1. And it takes a lot of market research and analysis of said research to determine what they'll be producing, hence the poll that Bachmann held asking fans what they wanted next.

      BTW: I understand all that gubbins too :P

  5. Sorry that someone had the nerve to do that to you Simon. It just amazes me that people will spout off such vulgar nonsence just for some sick kick of knowing that they have upset this person or others who support him

    Tim Brandt

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    1. Uh... I think you might've misspelled "Duck".