Saturday, 18 February 2012

"Bachmann Thomas 60 Second Review!"

In response to feedback over the last year, I will be revisiting many of the models I reviewed last year, with succinct and to the point 60 second reviews. I intend to do one or two a week, focusing mainly on the Bachmann Thomas & Friends range, in anticipation of the Duck The Great Western Engine release later this year.

All feedback on this first video in the 60 Second Review series will be much appreciated.

Until next time!


  1. I quite liked this. :) Short, understandable, gets to the point. Well done!

  2. Hey awesome video! on a side note, when do you think we will see Henry vs. Henry?

  3. One thing that is really getting on my nerves with Bachmann is that the price keeps going up every year. First is was I believe $46.00, than $50.00, now $56.00. Let's hope that my nearest model store still sells the model for $35.00.

  4. Great reviews! Do you happen to have a video showing step by step how you motorize the take n play models?

  5. I'm know a model railway geek. I have the Bachmann Thomas, I'm using him as shunter. Anyway, THIS IS AWESOME!!! Short, sweet, and to the point. Spot on. I am recommending this to everybody I know.

    Can't wait for Bachmann Duck
    Jacob C.

  6. Moo-Cows are all that matter :)