Sunday, 13 November 2011

"Diesel Delay"

My current job has taken its toll somewhat on my film making, and unfortunately the Diesel VS Diesel review is not going to appear until next week at the earliest.

However it has allowed me time to reflect on this year, and the reviews made, and thoughts of the next video - a Christmas special, where I will be selecting some truly terrific Thomas merchandise to suggest as Christmas presents this year (and also selecting three truly terrible pieces of merchandise to keep away from under the Christmas tree).

Until next time, with apologies for lack of updates at the moment!


  1. I thought it was to come somewhere at the end of Novemeber, like 25th-29th, but if its coming somewhere next week it feels early to me :) Did you have luck in finding a Hornby version?

    Looking forward to your next vid Simon :D

  2. Take all the time you need. I know how you feel, I haven't had much timeto make as many videos that I've wanted to do because is college work :)

  3. I know how you feel, when I'm at work, I really don't have time to make some videos. Take all the time, I can wait for Diesel and Henry and I'm looking forward to be seeing your Christmas special, would be interesting to see what Thomas merchandise are good for kids for Christmas.

  4. Take your time; any video from you is worth waiting for. :)
    I'm looking forward to the Christmas Special!
    (I have my suspicions about which items you find horrendous.)

  5. Take your time Simon!

    I'll be looking forward to the finished reviews of both reviews of Diesel (and Henry) soon! :)

  6. Take your time.

    Could you do a miniseries where you do the Team Tug of War for:
    Toby vs Toby
    Spencer vs Spencer
    Bill & Ben vs Bill & Ben
    Donald & Douglas
    and any other Team Tug of Wars that got turned into short flims