Tuesday, 25 October 2011

"Preparing for the Day of the Diesels Contest"

Wow, 5590 comments at time of writing. That's a lot of "Toby" comments to go through!

Unfortunately, as always seems to be the case with competitions on Youtube, there's been an awful lot of people who have tried to get around the system, mostly by saying "Toby" over and over...within a single post.

I must point out that making one comment as "Toby Toby Toby Toby Toby Toby..." is still only one entry to the competition.

I think I made it pretty clear in the video that "one correct answer comment = one entry" and that people were allowed "multiple entries".

But for some reason, certain Youtube users seemed to think repeating the answer over and over again in the same comment would gain multiple entries. It doesn't. Read the above bolded comment!

This is one of the most basic competitions I have done, and to some extent I'm disappointed that so many people have tried their utmost to effectively cheat. Very disappointing, but not unexpected.

I will make a final decision on whether or not I allow these particular entries to stand over the course of the final week, but I have already begin the long slog towards preparing for the "picking of the winners out of the hat" today.

Essentially, every Youtube user who made comments will be allocated a block of raffle tickets equal to the number of comments they made.

So let's say I.M.Engine has commented on the video 15 times, giving the correct answer "Toby" each time. He would then have 15 tickets in the draw.

I will be filming the draw to present on Youtube, something I completely forgot to do for the Back to Future competition...! Those prizes, by the way, are going in the post tomorrow.

There is still time to enter the Day of the Diesels competition - exactly 5 days, in fact. Get your comments in quick!

Until next time!

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