Thursday, 27 October 2011

" 意欲的な、しかしがらくたの!"

I will be starting shortly my most ambitious conversion project for the Hero of the Scales blog.

The Pre-Kipper Henry model is almost complete, and I have thoroughly enjoyed making it. That video (detailing the conversion) has been set for Late November, along with the potential Diesel and Henry reviews.

However my next project is something else altogether, and one I don't think anyone has tried yet.

So the question is: am I 意欲的な、しかしがらくたの ?

We shall see!


  1. "...ambitious but junk?"

    Hardly, chap! Ambitious yes, but junk - NEVAH.

  2. Nearly Chris. It actually translates to "ambitious but rubbish"! ;)

  3. Love Top Gear references, it's a fanastic show :)

    I'm guessing by the Japanese kanji, your next one is Hiro? ;)

  4. ambitious, but junk in Japanese

  5. Strange, my translator gave me "Ambitious, but crap!" XD

    Abitious, yes, crap, heck no.

  6. I'm with ThomasPercyandToby, I'm guessing Hiro.
    Will be interesting if Bachmann makes him next, like what you predicted as a possibility earlier this summer, simerski.

  7. Hiro seems to be a likely guess for me as well.