Saturday, 13 August 2011

"Pre-Kipper Henry - Update 4"

Still working on the "Pre Kipper Henry" model, for the upcoming Hornby VS Bachmann Henry video.

I'd like to make something very clear: by no means is my upcoming "how to" video, the only way, or the "best" way of making these character; simply how I managed it.

However, I'd like to think that my way of doing it has a little panache, so let's see how I've been getting on this week...

Yes - we have the green paint, finally applied! I had my heart set on a particular type of aerosol green, but after a few attempts I felt the colour was significantly off. So as per usual, I mixed my own, and applied a varnish afterwards. The result is as above - hopefully matching the wheels and cylinders rather more closely than the paint I was originally going to use!

This also shows the modifications I made to the tender - including modifying the length of the coal space, and the sides. If you look carefully at the tender steps, you'll see they are the original shade of green still. Not quite an exact match, but very, very close I feel.

The white running plate, and then the black smokebox and cab roof will be applied next, followed by careful painting of the handrails in silver, and then the running plate and bufferbeams in red. In all, it's starting to come together quite nicely.

Until next time!