Saturday, 6 August 2011

"Pre-Kipper Henry - Update 2"

I thought I'd give a little update for those of you waiting anxiously for the Henry VS Henry video (out by September 9th), through showing you a few modelling updates. Here, I have test fitted the safety valves and whistle, and the cab, and put the model together to show how it'll look when finally put together.

Handrails have been fitted - I got fed up of trying to preserve the moulded ones!

The boiler bands were removed - we had a little debate on the Sodor Island Forums regarding this, and it suddenly hit me this morning as to why the boiler bands were so wrong. Removing the outer bands leaves the exact same number of bands - and spacing - as the Bachmann Gordon model! So there you have it, it seems the two models share a lot of development between them.

The safety valves are an interesting thing - none of the photographs or screencaps could show me exactly what they looked like in the TV series, so I gave up and have resorted to a standard set of Hornby valves, which will do for now. The whistle was taken from the same donor engine, and looks respectable.

The tender is irritating greatly at the moment. I had not planned to do anything to the tender, but I am thinking about it. The side sheets are just too short, a right failure on Bachmann's part to make the model like its TV series counterparts. The side sheets are meant to go all the way up to the cab roof, and in short, they don't. A quick photoshop of my own photo shows where the side sheets should be in height (roughly):

The difference it makes to the overall look, is alarmingly good! It is probably the biggest error Bachmann have made on the Henry model, bar the boiler band fiasco.

So the question is, do I make more work for myself, strip the tender and then add extra side sheeting to the top of the tender? It didn't bother me so much on the Bachmann Spencer model (that model looked wrong from whatever angle you care to look at it), but on the Henry model, it somehow ruins the character of the engine in front. So watch this space, this may mean the whole damn locomotive gets rebuilt and repainted...!!!

One last picture, side on, to show the overall progress:

Until next time!

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  1. Looks fab! Especially that photoshop with the improved tender, the one Bachmann did was a complete fail.