Thursday, 21 July 2011

"Thomas VS Thomas - Reloaded"

So I get a package today. Neat little brown package from my favourite retailer. In short, it's the replacement Thomas. So we can consider the contract of "Traction Tyre Thomas" officially terminated as of now (as seen in the little thumbnail above. This thumbnail will be added to the original video when the new one airs, sometime in the next few weeks).

On the new model, no traction tyres are to be found, anywhere. The colour of the blue plastic, and that applied to the face, is a very different shade to my old "Traction Tyre Thomas".

I put it to work on the layout, and immediately note that this model is faster. Not just slightly faster, a lot faster than its traction tyre counterpart.

The models look physically identical. The only differences seem to be in the centre wheelset and the colour of the plastic and face. Two aesthetic changes compared to one mechanical one.

I haven't looked under the boiler yet, but I suspect they will be similar. Both are making similar motor whines at high speed, though the traction tyres slow my original Thomas down.

The Thomas VS Thomas: Reloaded! video is going to be very interesting indeed. I have already identified one area which hasn't been addressed thus far by myself or Leokimvideo in our respective reviews.

There's another one, even more surprising than the absence of traction tyres. The new Hornby Thomas is clearly lighter in the hand than the older one - I haven't weighed them yet, but I suspect there's been some weight saving somewhere in the newer model. I doubt the traction tyres are the sole cause of this difference in weight. Something, somewhere, has been changed...

My original Thomas was made in 2008 if the documentation in its box is anything to go by. Leo states in his video that his was made in 2009.

Whichever way it goes, it'll be an interesting test, that is for sure...

Please drop me a line with a comment in this blog if there's anything you'd like me to address in this video. After all, the Bachmann Thomas will be making a repeat appearance, and this time, there will be an interesting plot twist to the Team Tug of War...!

Until next time, goodnight!


  1. Can't wait, it should be a VERY intriguing review :)

  2. Can you reiderate how you like the horny Thomas better? And what is your fav retailer

  3. Well, this will be very interesting indeed... Now will the Bachmann Thomas triumph over the Hornby Thomas or will the latter still win with little results?

    I hope you'll have the Team Tug of War remakes (including the 'garden sheds' and the team twins) because it'll be very very very very interesting indeed... :P