Wednesday, 1 June 2011


Today I had quite a surprise. It looked like all of my Christmases had come at once!

Bachmann Edward, looking like he's rather happy to be at Copley Hill this morning. He won't be quite so happy after he's been put through his paces for the Edward VS Edward review! I'm staggered by the look of the Edward model. He's perfectly proportioned.

I have checked the Bachmann model against the TV series model all morning, aside from the obvious cab discrepancies (no fittings on all of the Bachmann models), Edward is a superb representation of that used in the Mitton directed episodes of Thomas & Friends. I haven't tested his performance yet, I fear, based on a few other reviews on Youtube, that I may yet be disappointed by this model...

There were several other models, all arriving at once. Not photographed yet, but present, were the Hornby Edward for the review - kindly provided by Gavin Rose of The Railways of Sodor fame. Thanks Gavin! :)

Also on loan from Gavin was the "missing twin" - I have found it nigh on impossible to get a "Bill" model in Hornby form, and now have all four for their review, which I am sure after this blog post may get the nod for the next review!

You may have noticed two diesel interlopers, lurking in the background...

Yes, Salty and Mavis have arrived! I plan on doing stand alone reviews for both models, and also putting them into a special four way "Day of the Diesels" special review, featuring the Hornby Diesel & Dart models.

Until next time - the Edward review is now in full production!


  1. Will you be ordering Bachman Donald and Douglas and doing a stand alone review on them too?

  2. Wow, can't wait! I hope Bill and Ben are after Edward. I've been wondering about whether to get the Bachmann versions of them but there have been no real reviews of them.

  3. That's good. So that means that I could vote for Donald and Douglas next?

  4. You could indeed - they will be a guaranteed video when they are released, mind.

  5. Now I'm really looking forward to the Edward review and the special 'Day Of The Diesels' review, I'm planning to get Dart when it comes out here in Australia.

  6. Should be an interesting review & seeing as you got the Hornby Bill on loan, can I put forward a pre-vote on the next review (Bill & Ben)?

  7. Can you do...............get ready for it............. AN ALONE REVIEW OF BACHMANN DONALD AND DOUGLAS? I don't know (SADLY) when they come out here in the USA and hope they come out soon in summer or fall. As most things to do with T&F (DVDs, models, specials, etc.) cone out in UK first, I hope if you can get your hands on the fine models to do an alone review of them! Thanks. =D

  8. Wait a moment!!! If you're doing a special review regarding Hornby Diesel and Dart vs Bachmann Mavis and Salty, then couldn't you also do like a special 'Bachmann Scottish Twins vs Hornby Great Westerns (Duck and Oliver)'? Just a thought, but knowing that bot sides of the Atlantic have characters we like and wish to have, this'll be an interesting one if this does take action...