Wednesday, 8 June 2011

"Leokimvideo's Next Video"

All images in this blog post are © Leo Henry, and are used with permission.

I've been very privileged these last few years to build up a good working relationship with Youtube Media Don Leo Henry (best known by his moniker, Leokimvideo), and from time to time we exchange ideas and discuss the latest goings on, on the 'Tube.

Coming soon from Leo is a terrific video where he shows you how to power a Pez Thomas for HO track, along with related coaches, other engines and stock. He's allowed me a glimpse into the behind the scenes, and the photographs below are a small insight into what will be a VERY big video on Youtube.

As you can see, Leo has created a rather lovely period piece, of Thomas with Annie & Clarabel, to match the traditional Hornby train set variant.

This picture tells a thousand words - a lot of hard work went into preparing the Pez models and the Take'n'Play Thomas for film.

Look out for it - it is sure to be a brilliant video.

Until next time!

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  1. This is NOT Take N Play, It's TAKE ALONG (notice the face, yellow whistle, inaccurate #1, etc.)