Tuesday, 14 June 2011

"HO/OO Thomas Poll"

Hallo all!

A very interesting fact has emerged recently - the Hornby Thomas is no longer supplied with traction tyres. This means that my original Thomas VS Thomas is now largely irrelevant, consequently I am going to film a rematch between the Bachmann Thomas and the Hornby Thomas.

To help with the filming, I need people who own either model to tell me a few things. So, please take a minute to read the questions below, and answer them if they are relevant to you:

Hornby Thomas:

Q1. Where did you buy your Thomas
Q2. Does your Thomas have Traction tyres?
Q3. What year was your Thomas made?
Q4. How well does it run?

Bachmann Thomas

Q1. Where did you buy your Thomas?
Q2. What year was your Thomas made?
Q3. How well does it run?

In addition, there's a few questions for both sets of owners:

General Questions

Q1. Who is your favourite character?
Q2. What locomotive character would you like to see from Hornby?
Q3. What locomotive character would you like to see from Bachmann?
Q4. What do you feel could be improved on in either range?

Thanks in advance chaps, I will accept answers up until July 30th, and I'll publish the results prior to the release of Thomas VS Thomas: Reloaded!

Until next time, thanks for reading.


  1. Hornby Thomas
    Q1: Didn't buy mine - it was a Gift.
    Q2: Don't know but I got it around Christmas 2006 or 2007.
    Q3: Ran very well until recently as it stutters now - probaly just needs re-tuning. It has traction tyres by the way.

    Bachmann Thomas
    Don't own one but I hope too either before or after Christmas

    General Questions
    Q1: Duck
    Q2: BoCo
    Q3: Duck - it really is a missing link in their range.
    Q4: The Hornby Thomas needs it's colour to be corrected and the RRP needs to be lower on some models. With Bachmann the faces on Thomas, Percy and James need changing and also James' paint niggles should be corrected.

  2. Bachmann Thomas
    Q2: 2008
    Q3: very smoothly, can run at very slow speeds

    General Questions
    Q1: Thomas
    Q2: Stanley (they've made his shed, but strangely not the actual character himself)
    Q3: Duck
    Q4: Hornby-focus on the counterparts looks aka try and make the models look closer to their characters
    Bachmann-improve on strength

  3. Forgot to fill in Q1 under Bachmann Thomas. I purchased him from Trainworld.com in the Christmas set.

  4. Bachmann:
    1: Gift, likely from Toys R Us
    2: Probably in 2004
    3: I've abused the model, taken it apart, and done everything else imaginable and it still runs nearly as good as new.

    1: Edward
    2: Mavis
    3: Duck, as most others have said
    4: Hornby - I don't have any, but maybe they could work on developing new toolings for characters like Edward and Emily
    Bachmann - improve the older models, such as having the correct colours for the lamp irons/ hooks, and giving the original 3 connectors on both ends.


    1. I have two Thomas', one was a Christmas Present back in 2001 from a Thomas train set and I bought 'Thomas and The Great Discovery Set' in late 2009 at a shop called HobbyCo.

    2. I never pay any attention to it, but I'm pretty sure the 2008 Great Discovery Thomas model might have.

    3. Well they're stuffed up now but they ran really well when I first had them.


    1. Bought a Thomas at a hobby shop in Liverpool, NSW called Casula Hobbies

    2. The year my Thomas model was made was 2005.

    3. When I test it with the Hornby Thomas. The Bachmann Thomas seem to be faster then Hornby, but I think my old Hornby model was slowing down.


    1. My favourite character is Thomas, because he got the same name as me, but Percy and Edward are my next two.

    2. Donald and Douglas (RWS)

    3. Duck, like everyone else

    4. Hornby: Modify some engines, e.g - Emily.
    Bachman: Re-release Bachmann Thomas, James and Percy with more TV accurate faces and give them hooks at each end and a dummy coupling for Percy at the rear.

  6. Hornby Thomas:

    Don't have one

    Bachmann Thomas

    Q1. Amazon.com with the Christmas set
    Q2. Around '05-'06
    Q3. Barely well...


    Q1. The Scottish Twins
    Q2. Wilbert, Arthur, and perhaps Salty too.
    Q3. The Great Western Duo, Toad, Harvey, Arthur, Murdoch, BoCo, Daisy, Arry & Bert, Stepney, Bulgy, George, Trevor, Troublesome Truck #4 (as a regular van), red coaches, old coaches, and maybe even Fergus.
    Q4. Hornby: don't discontinue most of the models and make Emily a proper Stirling Single!
    Bachmann: Improve the look of Thomas, Percy, and James with refitted hook and loop couplers and various parts painted black as well. Also

  7. I forgot to mention make some classic characters first (from Seasons 1-5) before making the other engines

  8. I can't answer the others, but if there's one character I want to see in Bachmann and return to Hornby, it's Duck. In fact, I already emailed Hornby and asked them to re-release the models they retired and also emailed Bachmann and asked them to make their own versions of Duck and Stepney, as well as several other characters.

    Jonathan Holden aka, Zaphodraptor

  9. Q1. Ebay
    Q2. no
    Q3. 2010/11
    Q4. Great. It runs better than my Railroad LMS Jinty (even used Thomas to rescue it a couple of times!)


    1. Christmas it came in a set

    2. Pretty sure it did

    3. 1980's

    4. Runs poorly due to it being an old model


    1. Christmas, it came in a set.

    2. It was made in 2002

    3. Runs very smoothly


    1. Duck and Stepney

    2. Not really sure, Donald and Douglas would look nice

    3. Duck, no questions asked. :P Oliver and Stepney would be nice too

    4. Hornby: Make tender engine models loco drive instead of tender drive.
    Bachman: For the parts catalog, I think it would be most appropriate if Bachmann made faces for different characters, one in the original model series form, and one for the CGI series. It would make fans a lot happier, especially with how Diesel has a CGI face and how most fans would prefer his classic season 2 face.

  11. Bachmann Qs.
    1. Toot toot toys (in Asutralia :P )
    2. i got it in 2007
    3. it runs very well but as you said it doesn't pull alot

    General Qs.
    1. Does Sodor Castle count? if not its Edward
    2. The Scottish Twins
    3. none
    4. Bachmann: change the faces on Thomas, Percy and james.
    Hornby: re desin toby so hes not a giant
    Both manafactures: interchangeable faces

    also about the hornby thomas, i was talking to Leokimvideo resently and he says that he has recently aquired a Hornby thomas without traction tires. so maybe contact him

  12. Hornby Qs
    3. I don't know
    4.it runs like new

    Bachmann Qs
    1.Hobby shop

    General Qs
    1. Thomas
    3. Duck and Oliver
    4. Bachmann change the faces on thomas, Percy, and James. For Hornby, change the color of Thomas.

  13. Hornby Thomas:

    I don't have one but like to have one one day.

    Bachmann Thomas:

    Again I don't have one

    General Questions:

    1. Duck.
    2. I would like to see Donald & Douglas, Daisy and Boco.
    3. Duck and Oliver.
    4. I wish that Thomas, James and Percy had a front coupler.

  14. HORNBY Thomas:
    Don't have it.

    Bachmann Thomas:
    Got it from a Xmas set.

    General Q:
    Q1)My favorite character(s) are Donald and Douglas.

    Q2)I'd like to see HORNBy make Donald and Douglas so you can do a review of both D&D's XD

    Q3)I'd like to see Bachmann make Rosie or one of the one time or less used characters(BoCo,Daisy,Molly,Neville,Duck,Oliver,Stepney,ETC.)but mostly Rosie!

    Q4)I'd like to see HORNBY make engines a little closer to the actual models Rev. W. Awdry made(no offense and not to be too stereotypical). I'd LOVE to see Bachmann with front couplings.Bachmann will always be bets to me, but they would be so much better with front couplings because most engines pull trains frontwards.

  15. Bachmann Thomas
    Q1 Christmas gift
    Q2 2006
    Q3 4/5

    Q1 bear (D7101)
    Q2 Mavis
    Q3 Boco, Duck, Oliver, and Stephany in that order
    Q4 Hornby needs to make a better Toby in terms of size and bachmann needs to redo Thomas Percy and James faces and James' paint shcemme he's been this way for nine years!!

  16. Bachmann: Q1: I purchased mine at Hobbytown USA.
    Q2: 2009-2010.
    Q3: It usually needs a push, but works well otherwise.
    General: Q1: Henry
    Q2: Either Mavis, Stanley, or Boco.
    Q3: Duck, Stanley, or Boco.
    Q4: Bachmann should improve their Thomas, James and Percy, and Hornby should give Thomas the old traction tires back.

  17. Hornby Thomas:

    Q1. I Remember Getting It In A Thomas & Percy Train Set For My Birthday Once.
    Q2. Yes, On The Center 2 Wheels.
    Q3. I Don't Really Know.
    Q4. It Runs Fine.

    Bachmann Thomas:

    Q1. I Got It As A Christmas Present Along With Some Rolling Stock.
    Q2. Again, I Don't Know That One.
    Q3. It Runs Splendidly, Although It Is A Bit Sensitive.

    General Questions:

    Q1. Why, Thomas, Of Course!
    Q2. Den Because They Made Dart.
    Q3. Duck & Oliver To Complete The Main 11 Engines.
    Q4. Bachmann Should Change The Colour Of James' Wheels & Hornby Should Remodel Edward, Emily & Toby.

  18. Bachmann Qs
    1.A Hobby Store in Michigan, USA, as part of the Deluxe Thomas w/ Annie & Clarabel set.
    2.I got it in 2003.
    3.It runs okay.

    General Qs
    2.Den (Dart can't get lonely!)
    3.Duck (Once he's made, engines 1-10 will have been made!)
    4.Bachmann-Improve Thomas, Percy & James
    Hornby-Improve Emily


  19. Hello DCG12B here,

    Hornby Thomas.
    Q1. I bought it at Hattons in Liverpool.
    Q2. Yes it certainly does.
    Q3. I think 2004, but I'm not sure.
    Q4. It still runs perfectly. A real solid model.

    Bachmann Thomas.
    Q1. Online at Trainsonline.co.uk
    Q2. I think 2005.
    Q3. It runs well but not as faultless as the Hornby Thomas.

    General Questions.
    Q1. There are many, but its 50/50 between Duck and Edward.
    Q2. Daisy, as 3 years ago they re-introduced their class 121 DMU and it wouldn't take much to turn it into Daisy.
    Q3. Duck, I have never been satisfied with Hornby Duck so I've never bought one. Bachmann should hopefully do a brilliant job with it as they have done with Donald and Douglas.
    Q4. Hornby should tackle Bachmann head on with more impressive buildings like they have done in the past and also connect with the buyers with RWS engines that they can easily manage. Wilbert, Sixteen, Pip, Emma, etc.
    Bachmann should improve their buildings slightly, there not the best that they could be and improve their James model to a high standard like their other models. Also perhaps add traction tyres to Emily and notice the difference.


  20. Bachmann Thomas

    Q1. Where did you buy your Thomas? Trainland, Lynbrook, NY, USA
    Q2. What year was your Thomas made? 2009
    Q3. How well does it run? Perfectly on clean track ;)

    General Questions

    Q1. Who is your favourite character? Edward or D&D
    Q2. What locomotive character would you like to see from Hornby? Hmm, oh, I got it! Donald and Douglas. Call me crazy but they have some perfect prototypes!
    Q3. What locomotive character would you like to see from Bachmann?
    Murdoch, Rosie and Duck!
    Q4. What do you feel could be improved on in either range? Hornby could improve their caring to detail as their protoypes stink as compared to their finished product. I Love Bachmann!

  21. I mean mine Hornby Thomas doesnt have traction tires

  22. I own neither but I'll answer general -

    1 my favorite engine is Toby!
    2 Wilbert and 16. They can easily do them and I'm surprised they didn't do Wilbert in 100 years for Awdry's birth!
    3 Duck. As you once said, there is no excuse for Bachmann not to release him.
    4. Hornby - improved Edward and Emily models
    Bachmann - facial expressions for different characters!

  23. Hornby Thomas:
    Q1 ToyMasters Got it in a Set with Bill
    Q2 Yes
    Q3 The box looked recked so i think it was 2007 or 2006
    Q4 Very well Like the one in your Thomas vs Thomas

  24. I have a Bachmann Thomas.

    Question 1: All I know is my thomas was part of set as a Christmas gift.
    Question 2: I think 2002
    Question 3: It runs decently, although it has some wear and damage from all those years I've had it and before I learned of keeping the packages :P

    General Questions:
    1: Diesel 10 is my favorite
    2: Maybe BoCo
    3: It's a long list, but I'd probably say what others have said: Duck :)
    4: I don't know on Hornby, but on Bachmann, perhaps the faces of Thomas and Percy could be improved a bit, although I do like them.

  25. I had a BACHMANN Thomas Butt 1 of the buffrers broke of so I wanted a replacement then my mom went 2 the UK & I requested A HORNBY Thomas & Nothing Else. When Mom came back I Got a HORNBY Thomas & A Flying Scostman American Set.
    Hear is my Queschuns
    1: Lady Would b nise
    2: Mr. C Could b a Good Figure
    3: BACHMANN James Loco Could doo with some improvements
    4: HORNBY Please do another Edward, Percy, Annie & Clarabel, & Bill & Ben

  26. @ My last comment,
    I Turned my BACHMANN Thomas Into Jinty, A RWS Character & Now it's part of my layout again

  27. Hornby Thomas

    1. A place in Sydney called Hobbyco
    2. Yes my thomas has traction (had since i was five years old)
    3. Around 2000
    4. Well its a bit slow, (My dad and I reckon the motor is dying) but ran good when I first brought it (over 10 years ago)

    Bachmann Thomas

    (Don't own 1)


    1. Henry
    2. Donald and Douglas
    3. Sir handel and the narrow gauge engines
    4. Hornby- Bring back discontinued locos (Flying scotsman, Oliver etc) and make other locos such as Donald, Douglas etc)
    5. Hornby- choose the correct prototypes (eg emily) I enjoy the bachmann one because its the correct shape.
    Bachmann- make your packaging re-usable as it helps the locomotive last longer and free from damage. Also improve the motors to actually make the locos last on all corners (eg emily stops one of my corners on my layout with her carriages coupled).