Tuesday, 31 May 2011

"Votes for the Month of May"

So, after every review video I make, I ask the question - who do you want to see next? And say the usual spiel of "put a comment in the video, or by PM, or whatever forum you're on", and it then takes me about a week and a half to tally up the votes from Youtube, The Sodor Island Forums, Sodor Island 3D, Sudrian Railway Modellers Forum, The Permanent Way Model Forum, the Bachmann USA Forums...and so on and so forth!

Although around 50-100 votes are on Youtube, and around 5-15 on each of those forums, the majority of the votes come in my inbox, with Youtubers giving me some terrific reasons as to why I should make a review on such and such character.

This month it's been a bit easier as people are homing in on specific characters more and more. Less votes for less well known characters, more votes on the major characters who are left.

So, if you haven't already guessed - the choice of the next video review is (drum roll), Edward the Blue Engine - coming in a red Hornby box, and a blue Bachmann Blister Pack.

The votes for the top five characters I tallied up since the 20th May are as follows:

1st - Edward - 257 Votes
2nd - Henry - 103 Votes
3rd - Gordon - 23 Votes
4th - Emily - 17 Votes
5th - Bill & Ben - 9 Votes

And the wooden spoon this week goes out to Lady...who got 11 votes despite not actually being a model in either the Bachmann or Hornby ranges. 11 of those votes were cast by the same person.

This I did not pick up on until writing this blog entry. Annoying.

Emily actually got 18 votes - 17 for, 1 against - first time that's happened, and it made me laugh to read it! Kudos to that viewer :)

Edward was by far and away the top choice this month, and that gives me great delight as he has been - and always shall be - my favourite character in the series. Closely followed by Gordon, for obvious reasons!

Drop me a line here in this blog entry if you have anything you feel absolutely MUST be discussed in the Edward VS Edward video - any and all suggestions gratefully received.

And of course, suggestions for an Ertl model in the "star on a reasonably priced flat truck" cameo - thanks to theirishthomas for that great suggestion on the Spencer video!

Until next time!


  1. Could you compare the sizes of James and Edward? Because in the TV series they are suppose to be the same size and I wondering if the models where.

  2. I like your videos because I donT have Hornby or Bauchmann.I. Hope you choose Gordon for the next review video. I am 6 1/2 and in first grade.

  3. Compare him to Thomas, Percy, James, Henry, Gordon, and Toby as they were released earlier than Edward, but also how he's the only one with the painted black hook and other details.