Tuesday, 13 December 2011

"Diesel VS Diesel - the EVIL Review!"

Hornby Diesel VS Bachmann Diesel Review

It's the Best of EVIL! Diesel VS Diesel! Complete with gratuitous EXPLOSIONS!!!

Friday, 2 December 2011

"Day of the Diesels - the results are in!"

Day of the Diesels Results Video

It's finally here - the results are in! Who won the Take N Play Models? Find out by clicking the link...!

Sunday, 27 November 2011


Which should otherwise be titled "apologies for the lateness of this reply".

I am so behind with my filming. The new job, and the work behind the scenes on the new The British Railway Stories website, book, and films have taken up all of my time. Diesel is next (nearly done), then either Henry or Gordon. I haven't decided yet!

Rest assured, Diesel WILL by hook or by crook, have his review out next week. Just been one of those months I am afraid!

Until next time.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

"Diesel Delay"

My current job has taken its toll somewhat on my film making, and unfortunately the Diesel VS Diesel review is not going to appear until next week at the earliest.

However it has allowed me time to reflect on this year, and the reviews made, and thoughts of the next video - a Christmas special, where I will be selecting some truly terrific Thomas merchandise to suggest as Christmas presents this year (and also selecting three truly terrible pieces of merchandise to keep away from under the Christmas tree).

Until next time, with apologies for lack of updates at the moment!

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

"Partial Retooling a Necessity for the Bachmann Range"

So, a positive post - the Bachmann Devious Diesel model has arrived. Strictly speaking, not true - the "devious" appears to have been permanently dropped for this character, long after Britt Allcroft introduced it in the mid 90s.

However the arrival of this model has made one thing abundantly clear: Bachmann need to do partial retools of their older models. The latest models are making the older models look very tired and poorly designed by comparison. Looking at Diesel, and then the first model in the range (Thomas) confirms this view further.

The first thing which springs to mind are the coupling hooks. No longer the strangely shaped and elongated hook at front and back in grey plastic, they are much closer in shape to an actual coupling hook on Donald & Douglas and Diesel, and this is one modification which should be able to be done with a minimal amount of fuss.

Then there's the question of the faces. Thomas, Percy and James are most guilty of this - none of them quite capture the characters. The Scottish Twins and Diesel match their counterparts perfectly. These three desperately need new face plates, and fast, if they are to stand the test of time.

Then there's Percy. Cab footsteps in the wrong place, coal bunker too big and moulded in grey plastic instead of black, and the missing coupling hook on the rear. A partial retool of this model would bring it up to the high standards of the latest HO offerings, and the stunningly designed G scale Percy too.

James only requires the new coupling hooks, a better proportioned face, and for the small red strip under his smokebox to be painted black (as per the character) along with all wheels and axleboxes on engine and tender to be painted black, not grey.

Henry and Gordon require minimal work to be brought up to standard (if we ignore Henry's rather too short tender), in terms of new coupling hooks and the axle boxes being moulded in black, not grey plastic.

Edward, Spencer, Salty, Mavis, Bill & Ben and Toby only really require the new coupling hooks to be able to be more than presentable and up with the best models in the range.

These partial retools will have two major benefits: firstly, it'll make Bachmann and therefore HiT/Mattel more money. Changing the models will make people go out and buy the new ones to replace the old ones. Creating demand by making the models "new" again. Secondly - it'll make the whole range look like its made by the same company.

Having a defined, and refined look to the range will keep it fresh, high quality, and desirable for Thomas fans throughout the world.

And it must be said - with Diesel, they've upped the ante even more.

Until next time!


So the competition for the Day of the Diesels toys has finished. Monumentally successful - 5000+ entries.

Within one hour - yes, ONE HOUR - of it finishing, I get a group of around twenty Youtubers asking "when are you announcing the winners?" by PM and on the video.

One hour. 5000+ entries to collate before drawing out of a hat.

5000+ entries to go through - what did you expect? Within the hour? One day? One week?


The winner of the competition will be drawn and announced on the 30th November 2011, exactly one month after the competition ended.

I had planned on a few bonus prizes for "best comment", "most posted entries" etc etc, but I'm not so sure I'll bother now.

5000+ entries to get through, by the way.

Thanks to everyone who was sensible and understanding throughout this contest.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

" 意欲的な、しかしがらくたの!"

I will be starting shortly my most ambitious conversion project for the Hero of the Scales blog.

The Pre-Kipper Henry model is almost complete, and I have thoroughly enjoyed making it. That video (detailing the conversion) has been set for Late November, along with the potential Diesel and Henry reviews.

However my next project is something else altogether, and one I don't think anyone has tried yet.

So the question is: am I 意欲的な、しかしがらくたの ?

We shall see!

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

"Preparing for the Day of the Diesels Contest"

Wow, 5590 comments at time of writing. That's a lot of "Toby" comments to go through!

Unfortunately, as always seems to be the case with competitions on Youtube, there's been an awful lot of people who have tried to get around the system, mostly by saying "Toby" over and over...within a single post.

I must point out that making one comment as "Toby Toby Toby Toby Toby Toby..." is still only one entry to the competition.

I think I made it pretty clear in the video that "one correct answer comment = one entry" and that people were allowed "multiple entries".

But for some reason, certain Youtube users seemed to think repeating the answer over and over again in the same comment would gain multiple entries. It doesn't. Read the above bolded comment!

This is one of the most basic competitions I have done, and to some extent I'm disappointed that so many people have tried their utmost to effectively cheat. Very disappointing, but not unexpected.

I will make a final decision on whether or not I allow these particular entries to stand over the course of the final week, but I have already begin the long slog towards preparing for the "picking of the winners out of the hat" today.

Essentially, every Youtube user who made comments will be allocated a block of raffle tickets equal to the number of comments they made.

So let's say I.M.Engine has commented on the video 15 times, giving the correct answer "Toby" each time. He would then have 15 tickets in the draw.

I will be filming the draw to present on Youtube, something I completely forgot to do for the Back to Future competition...! Those prizes, by the way, are going in the post tomorrow.

There is still time to enter the Day of the Diesels competition - exactly 5 days, in fact. Get your comments in quick!

Until next time!

Saturday, 22 October 2011

"Diesel VS Diesel"

Yes, I am working on a Diesel VS Diesel video review. I strongly suspect it is going to be very one sided, particularly as it seems the Hornby model has been discontinued (and finding one from the last few years proving very difficult!)

The Bachmann Diesel has seen a few Youtube video reviews, all I will say is that my initial impression of Donald & Douglas remains steadfast for the moment in the "best of" stakes.

However I think there's another issue Bachmann needs to address with the latest influx of the models in question, and that is partially retooling older models in their range. More on that in a separate video, in the future.

Until next time!

Thursday, 13 October 2011

"Donald & Douglas Review!"

It's the Best of Scottish!

How will the Bachmann Twins fare in this review?

Friday, 7 October 2011

"Pre-Kipper Henry - Update 5"

I thought I'd share a few more pics of my ongoing project, a "Pre-Kipper" Henry the Green Engine, being built from a standard Bachmann Henry model. Today's update concentrates on the tender, which is all but complete; missing lining out and the number three numerals.

The colour looks much less like it matches on camera, but in real life the shades between the two greens used is not obvious at all.

I'm thrilled with the way the tender has come out - the added height makes it that much closer to the real thing. It's also quite a sturdy modification too, and the smoothest finish I think I've done on a model. A pity when you consider I have to strip the loco body again later this week for a third repaint!

The real coal adds something to the overall look, and the sprung buffers (Bachmann spares) are delightful.

Moving onto the body, the paint finish isn't as good as I'd like, and the handrail knobs haven't come out well at all. So a complete stripping of paint and rebuilding is in order, but I thought (as the cab is pretty much done) you'd all like to see where I am with the locomotive...

This project has highlighted for me just how poor the Bachmann Henry model was in terms of its design. Unlike Gordon, which in researching this model was found to be pretty much spot on, the Bachmann Henry suffers with a tender which was too short - something I fixed - and then the second problem, which SiFer Kurt managed to spot (and I didn't believe him, until now!), was how short the cab was, and how flat the roof was in comparison with the TV series model.

By fixing the first problem area - the tender - I now have the problem where the cab's deficiencies are suddenly more obvious when painted. It's an aggravating problem, and one I am unsure how to solve without rebuilding the whole cab.

Overall this project has proved to be quite fun, but it's not done yet. Next time, I'll show you how I am tackling the lining out and the numbers on the tenders. It may be of some help to everyone who models the world of Thomas...

Until next time!

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

"Running late again!"

You'll forgive me I hope, but upon finding out I had actually got a job, all efforts went towards my first few days work! Therefore the Donald & Douglas review will be a delayed a little bit, as I've not finished editing it. Rest assured, it's on its way!

Until next time!

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

"Epic Fail with Donald & Douglas"

Ever had one of those "EPIC FAIL" moments, when you realize you've made an unbelievable error, and have to re-shoot an entire review film all over again?

Yeah... *Facepalms*

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

"Day of the Diesels! Competition Now Open!!!"

Day of the Diesels! Toy Review & Competition! Take'n'Play Belle, Fiery Flynn, Den & Dart! (Thomas & Friends)

It's the big one! Win a full set of Belle, Flynn, Den & Dart from the Take 'N' Play range!

All you have to do to win is watch the video and lay in a comment
on the video with the correct answer to this question:

Which engine was having his firebox cleared out in the opening sequence of this video?

Closing date is the 30th October 2011. Good luck!

Monday, 19 September 2011

"Donald and Douglas had arrived from Scotland..."

They really DID arrive from Scotland today! Great thanks to Trainsontime for supplying my review samples. I notice that Douglas has a bit of a "HERP" face thanks to a slipped eyeball, so will have to fix that before the big review.

However, watch out for my test run footage coming later this evening. I've had them double heading and am mightily impressed. They are weighty, powerful models with superb attention to detail of the original TV series models (and in my review you'll find out the extremes to which these models were accurately made!)

Here's some footage I took this afternoon whilst getting in some writing on the review. Until next time!

Thursday, 15 September 2011

"Den & Dart HO Wheel Conversion - first glimpse!"

Yes, Den & Dart are running amok! Until next time - the competition video is fast approaching...!

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

"Day of the Diesels! Den & Dart Complete!"

With the completion of "Dart", my trio of Gandy Dancer conversions have been completed. They will feature heavily in my toy review and competition video at the end of this month. I am now building a new set on which to film them...

...but first, a closer look at the conversions, whose building I will cover fully in the Day of the Diesels special video.

The basic gist is simple. Remove the original wheels, make square hole, and tidy it up to fit the Bachmann Gandy dancer chassis through. Glue together, and modify the outer die cast shell to fit. "Den" is the heaviest of the three conversions (surprisingly heavier than "Flynn") and as such is the most powerful, and the fastest! He can also pull a surprisingly heavy load.

"Dart" required a lot more lateral thought in the conversion process as he has a narrower body with less weight to it. I ended up modifying the gandy dancer heavily, re-wiring it. It's a smoother runner but now quite light on its feet, in comparison to "Den" anyway!

Until next time - when the four Day of the Diesels Take N Play models get their run out...!

Sunday, 11 September 2011

"Day of the Diesels - Den complete!"

Not strictly perfect yet, nor accurate, but it IS a very nice runner using, again, a Bachmann Gandy Dancer - may I present Den, from Day of the Diesels - who will be appearing in the upcoming competition video alongside Flynn (who you've already seen), and a third Take'n'Play conversion...watch this space!

Until next time!

Thursday, 8 September 2011

"Fiery Flynn HO Wheel Conversion - first glimpse!"

Fiery Flynn HO Wheel Conversion - first glimpse!

Will be part of an upcoming video review and competition video.

Until Next time!

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

"Day of the Diesels Competition!"

This is the big one. Are you ready for it?

Spread the word.

I have one each of the new Day of the Diesels Take'n'Play models to give to one lucky winner. 

Den, Dart, Belle and Flynn could be yours, brand new and boxed!

The Youtube video will be out later this month, to tie into the release of Day of the Diesels. 

I'll also be showing you how I motorized a few of the Take'n'Plays!

Until next time - spread the word!

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

"Fiery Flynn - in HO!"

I must be the first, surely? Yes, this is a powered Take N Play "Flynn" the fire engine! Which I think scales very nicely with the Bachmann Thomas model. Look out for it, and other conversions to HO running, in the next special review...which includes a Day of the Diesels themed competition, with prizes!

Until next time!

"Day of the Diesels...!"

For those of you eagerly awaiting the Henry VS Henry review - prepare to be disappointed, momentarily. Due to the Hornby Henry being late in arriving, I've not been able to complete the filming portion of the review, so I am delaying it a few weeks to get all the shots I need.

However...I have something else which will satisfy everyone in the meantime. A Day of the Diesels special...with special, special prizes to be won!

Until next time!

Sunday, 4 September 2011

"Edward's Exploit - Speed test!"

I'll be explaining how we did this speed test in a later video.

Until next time - enjoy the narration, Ross is simply brilliant!

Sunday, 28 August 2011

"Back to work!"

I've been away for a few weeks - I generally don't shout out when I go on holiday these days, however I'm expecting to get the Pre-Kipper Henry finished in the next week or so.

The Henry VS Henry video is in the queue for editing - it'll be coming out shortly after the Bachmann Donald & Douglas review (incoming!)

Until next time!

Monday, 15 August 2011

"Win a Back to the Future Delorean!"

Yes, this exquisite Back to the Future Delorean DMC-12 could be yours! I ship anywhere in the world, just lay in a comment on the video with your answer to the competition question.

Until next time!

Saturday, 13 August 2011

"Pre-Kipper Henry - Update 4"

Still working on the "Pre Kipper Henry" model, for the upcoming Hornby VS Bachmann Henry video.

I'd like to make something very clear: by no means is my upcoming "how to" video, the only way, or the "best" way of making these character; simply how I managed it.

However, I'd like to think that my way of doing it has a little panache, so let's see how I've been getting on this week...

Yes - we have the green paint, finally applied! I had my heart set on a particular type of aerosol green, but after a few attempts I felt the colour was significantly off. So as per usual, I mixed my own, and applied a varnish afterwards. The result is as above - hopefully matching the wheels and cylinders rather more closely than the paint I was originally going to use!

This also shows the modifications I made to the tender - including modifying the length of the coal space, and the sides. If you look carefully at the tender steps, you'll see they are the original shade of green still. Not quite an exact match, but very, very close I feel.

The white running plate, and then the black smokebox and cab roof will be applied next, followed by careful painting of the handrails in silver, and then the running plate and bufferbeams in red. In all, it's starting to come together quite nicely.

Until next time!

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

"Pre-Kipper Henry - Update 3"

Taking my mind off the rioting in London, I decided last night to get on with the Henry build, which involves modifying the Bachmann Henry model into its original form.

However, one thing stuck out as wrong for both the original Henry, and his rebuilt form. The tender. The side sheets on the standard Bachmann model are far too short. I was debating in the last blog post as to whether or not to bite the bullet and make the modifications, and as you can see from the picture above, it would need some additional material on the side sheets.

Well, you know me...!

Two strips of plasticard, 2mm thick, was stuck down after I carefully filed down either side of the moulded coal for them to rest on. These were stuck down with expoy and left to harden for an hour.

Note, that the rear of the tender will also need modifying at some point to match the TV series model.

The next step was to use my favourite filler - Humbrol's model filler. It's a grey filler which dries quickly, and sands down easily. In addition, to help sculpt the side sheets, I used Gamesworkshops' "Green Putty" which was left to harden overnight.

Then this morning, after careful sanding and filing to shape, we were left with the above. Doesn't that look much better? When you look carefully at photographs of Henry in the TV series, you can see the side sheets are just below the top of the roofline of the model. I may have to file them down a little bit more to make it perfect, but overall the look of the tender is significantly improved:

The whole model will now enter the painting stage, and be primed this afternoon ready for its first few coats of green paint. The wheelsets on engine and tender will be removed to be repainted into the same shade, as will the cylinders, to make the whole model match.

Until next time - when I'll be hopefully showing off a near-complete model.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

"Pre-Kipper Henry - Update 2"

I thought I'd give a little update for those of you waiting anxiously for the Henry VS Henry video (out by September 9th), through showing you a few modelling updates. Here, I have test fitted the safety valves and whistle, and the cab, and put the model together to show how it'll look when finally put together.

Handrails have been fitted - I got fed up of trying to preserve the moulded ones!

The boiler bands were removed - we had a little debate on the Sodor Island Forums regarding this, and it suddenly hit me this morning as to why the boiler bands were so wrong. Removing the outer bands leaves the exact same number of bands - and spacing - as the Bachmann Gordon model! So there you have it, it seems the two models share a lot of development between them.

The safety valves are an interesting thing - none of the photographs or screencaps could show me exactly what they looked like in the TV series, so I gave up and have resorted to a standard set of Hornby valves, which will do for now. The whistle was taken from the same donor engine, and looks respectable.

The tender is irritating greatly at the moment. I had not planned to do anything to the tender, but I am thinking about it. The side sheets are just too short, a right failure on Bachmann's part to make the model like its TV series counterparts. The side sheets are meant to go all the way up to the cab roof, and in short, they don't. A quick photoshop of my own photo shows where the side sheets should be in height (roughly):

The difference it makes to the overall look, is alarmingly good! It is probably the biggest error Bachmann have made on the Henry model, bar the boiler band fiasco.

So the question is, do I make more work for myself, strip the tender and then add extra side sheeting to the top of the tender? It didn't bother me so much on the Bachmann Spencer model (that model looked wrong from whatever angle you care to look at it), but on the Henry model, it somehow ruins the character of the engine in front. So watch this space, this may mean the whole damn locomotive gets rebuilt and repainted...!!!

One last picture, side on, to show the overall progress:

Until next time!

Thursday, 4 August 2011

"Pre-Kipper Henry"

I'll just leave this here - new trailer, shows off some modelling (gasp) that I've been doing!

Until next time!

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

"The winner of the next review...Henry the Green Engine!"

Yes, Henry the Green Engine will be subject of the next Hornby VS Bachmann review! Until next time, approximately 31st August (I have a special video coming out on the 17th which is taking up all of my time!), but to whet your whistle for the special "how to" segment of the video...

It's a work in progress, but I think it's coming along nicely. Needs a lot more work to the bodyshell and cab, I have sourced replacement safety valves and a whistle, in short it's going to look terrific when finished (now, the question is, what colour to paint it...!!!)

Until next time!

Saturday, 30 July 2011

"Bachmann Henry Conversion...?

I am thinking, should Henry win (quite likely) for the next review, I could do an extra video on converting a Bachmann Henry to his original form.

Should Gordon win (equally as likely), I was thinking of doing a special video outlining my Pacific fleet, with the Hornby Gordon and its roots being shown in detail.

Thoughts, chaps? Leave a comment below! :)

Monday, 25 July 2011

"Hornby Thomas VS Bachmann Thomas - Reloaded!"

“It's the United States versus Great Britain”

“Thomas the Bachmann Engine VS Thomas the Hornby Engine”

Which of these top rated toy trains in the USA and UK will win in a series of tests on style, strength and SHEER POWER?

Sunday, 24 July 2011

"Test footage - a little tank engine comes for breakfast"

Just trying something out for the next video, I thought I'd give everyone a little hint of things to come. Next video is the Thomas VS Thomas Reloaded video, after that, I think everyone will be rather pleased with the winner of the next video review poll...given he's probably the third favourite of all the engines you'd think of, straight away...!

Until next time!

Thursday, 21 July 2011

"Thomas VS Thomas - Reloaded"

So I get a package today. Neat little brown package from my favourite retailer. In short, it's the replacement Thomas. So we can consider the contract of "Traction Tyre Thomas" officially terminated as of now (as seen in the little thumbnail above. This thumbnail will be added to the original video when the new one airs, sometime in the next few weeks).

On the new model, no traction tyres are to be found, anywhere. The colour of the blue plastic, and that applied to the face, is a very different shade to my old "Traction Tyre Thomas".

I put it to work on the layout, and immediately note that this model is faster. Not just slightly faster, a lot faster than its traction tyre counterpart.

The models look physically identical. The only differences seem to be in the centre wheelset and the colour of the plastic and face. Two aesthetic changes compared to one mechanical one.

I haven't looked under the boiler yet, but I suspect they will be similar. Both are making similar motor whines at high speed, though the traction tyres slow my original Thomas down.

The Thomas VS Thomas: Reloaded! video is going to be very interesting indeed. I have already identified one area which hasn't been addressed thus far by myself or Leokimvideo in our respective reviews.

There's another one, even more surprising than the absence of traction tyres. The new Hornby Thomas is clearly lighter in the hand than the older one - I haven't weighed them yet, but I suspect there's been some weight saving somewhere in the newer model. I doubt the traction tyres are the sole cause of this difference in weight. Something, somewhere, has been changed...

My original Thomas was made in 2008 if the documentation in its box is anything to go by. Leo states in his video that his was made in 2009.

Whichever way it goes, it'll be an interesting test, that is for sure...

Please drop me a line with a comment in this blog if there's anything you'd like me to address in this video. After all, the Bachmann Thomas will be making a repeat appearance, and this time, there will be an interesting plot twist to the Team Tug of War...!

Until next time, goodnight!

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

"There's something about Henry..."

Yes, within four hours of the Bill & Ben video going live, the votes were flowing in for the next video review. I'm staggered by the sheer number of votes for Henry, this early on in the two week voting period. Is this a sincere effort to sway the popular vote?

Either way the Bill & Ben video seems to have been well recieved, thank you to everyone on Youtube and all the forums the series is hosted on for your support and help :)

Until next time - goodnight!

"Double Trouble! Bill & Ben Review"

"Hornby Bill & Ben VS Bachmann Bill & Ben"

“It's the United States VS Great Britain”

“Bill & Ben the Bachmann Twins” VS “Bill & Ben the Hornby Twins”

Which of these top rated toy trains in the USA and UK will win in this special review, with tests on style, strength and SHEER POWER?

Monday, 11 July 2011

"Bill & Ben - Late!"

Sorry chaps, the Youtube uploader is being sluggish. I am going to keep trying to upload the full review, in the meantime, please spread the word that it's going to arrive late with my apologies.



Thursday, 7 July 2011

"Bill & Ben"

Yes, it's a review of the cheeky China Clay twins! Hornby VS Bachmann in duplicate this time around. Thanks to everyone who voted - this review will be out on the 11th July!

Until next time!

Monday, 4 July 2011

"Next Review Video - Out 11th July"

The models subject to the next Hornby VS Bachmann review have been picked. The voting was most interesting this time around, exactly half of the votes up until the 1st July (the cut off date) being made by PM, and it is the PM votes which have won this round of voting.

The engine which came second this time around was Gordon the Big Engine. Tough break Gordon - maybe next time?

The next review is assuredly going to be fantastic, with lots of action sequences and some surprising twists and turns in the reviews, leading to a fascinating conclusion: which is better, Hornby, or Bachmann?

I'll leave you then with a little more news - Thomas VS Thomas: Reloaded is now in production and I am aiming for a release date of 9th September 2011.

Until next time!

Monday, 20 June 2011

"Railroad Class 06"

I actually bought this Hornby Railroad Class 06 quite a while ago, for a project which to date is ongoing, and whilst rummaging for something else, came across it in the cupboard, still boxed, unused.

So the question is - are there enough diesel fans out there who would like this to be the first review on a diesel subject (alongside Mavis and Salty videos for the Thomas range), and in the style of the Tornado review?

Post your comments here. Do I review the little diesel or not?

Until next time!

Sunday, 19 June 2011

"Day of the Diesel Design Drama"

Last week, Bachmann USA released the first photograph of their forthcoming Diesel model for the Thomas & Friends range. Since then the vast array of forums have been awash with posts on the look of the new model, which is touted for an October release alongside Donald & Douglas.

One of the things which has cropped up in discussion concerns the face. It is this which has been met with great debate, and I feel that there is a single, logical answer as to why this face - taken directly from the CGI incarnation of Diesel - was used.

To put it simply, this is the current incarnation of Diesel as the fans know him. It is the most recognizable to the pre-school market the brand is aimed at, and it follows on from the development of the Bachmann large scale models released over the last two years.

The characters of Thomas, Percy & James in the large scale range were designed and manufactured after the characters had been made into their CGI forms for the new incarnation of the show. This is also true of Diesel. All four models therefore have a great deal of raw video material available to Bachmann's designers for the overall design of their models.

There is no doubt in my mind that HiT Entertainment will want any new models made, under license from them, to match closely with the CGI incarnation of Thomas & Friends - it's the current look, and as we should know from experience, the look of a brand is crucial in maintaining its desirability.

However, several people have cited Donald & Douglas as being examples of models which are not made to the CGI standard, as the above four models described were, and that Diesel should match this idea of the Bachmann models being made to the "model series" and not the "CGI series".

This train of thought is derailed somewhat when it is realized that neither Donald nor Douglas, nor Bill & Ben (who have appeared in recent years) could be made to the above standard, as none of the four have appeared in full CGI yet. Further, one poster on a particular forum made mention of Salty not being to his CGI form - this is because his Bachmann model came out before the full CGI was implemented into the series.

Overall, I would suggest, gently, that fans and modellers alike think through the future of the Bachmann Thomas & Friends carefully. Future models are no doubt going to be closer to the new vision for the show, and not the older models, regardless of the prototype chosen.

It is for that reason that I am taking my money off Duck appearing, shared chassis or not (although how awesome would it be if Bachmann made him? Come on! The fanboy in me says yes, the cynic in me says no), and putting it firmly on a character such as Hiro appearing instead.

In fact, I wonder if any of the forthcoming Day of the Diesels characters will be considered for a Bachmann model instead, in future, given the change in design slant to the CGI series.

On that note, I'll call it a day. I am still collating votes, and will do up until the 26th June. On the 5th July, I will announce the subject of the next review.

To whet your whistles, I can reveal that in joint first in the voting stakes, are Bill & Ben, and Henry, with Gordon a strong 3rd, and Emily a weaker 4th.

Until next time!

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

"Edward VS Edward"

Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Reverend W. Awdry's birth!

“It's the United States VS Great Britain”

“Edward the Bachmann Engine”
“Edward the Hornby Engine”

Which of these top rated toy trains in the USA and UK will win in this streamlined special review, with tests on style, strength and SHEER POWER?

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

"HO/OO Thomas Poll"

Hallo all!

A very interesting fact has emerged recently - the Hornby Thomas is no longer supplied with traction tyres. This means that my original Thomas VS Thomas is now largely irrelevant, consequently I am going to film a rematch between the Bachmann Thomas and the Hornby Thomas.

To help with the filming, I need people who own either model to tell me a few things. So, please take a minute to read the questions below, and answer them if they are relevant to you:

Hornby Thomas:

Q1. Where did you buy your Thomas
Q2. Does your Thomas have Traction tyres?
Q3. What year was your Thomas made?
Q4. How well does it run?

Bachmann Thomas

Q1. Where did you buy your Thomas?
Q2. What year was your Thomas made?
Q3. How well does it run?

In addition, there's a few questions for both sets of owners:

General Questions

Q1. Who is your favourite character?
Q2. What locomotive character would you like to see from Hornby?
Q3. What locomotive character would you like to see from Bachmann?
Q4. What do you feel could be improved on in either range?

Thanks in advance chaps, I will accept answers up until July 30th, and I'll publish the results prior to the release of Thomas VS Thomas: Reloaded!

Until next time, thanks for reading.

Monday, 13 June 2011

"Edward VS Edward...coming 20th June"

Yes, the next review video is now scripted, and into the filming and editing stage. Edward VS Edward is coming to Youtube on the 20th June!

Until next time, where the two octogenarians of the Thomas & Friends world battle it out in a series of tests, on style, strength, and sheer POWER!

Wednesday, 8 June 2011


Hi Everyone,

My apologies to those on Youtube who commented on my last two videos - I managed to upload the originals edits, sans the watermark. As they say in the business, whoops!

Here are the videos, one each for the pages on this blog, covering The Time Trial Leaderboard, The Haulage Capacity League, and the Tug of War Challenge.

Until next time, thanks for reading!

"Leokimvideo's Next Video"

All images in this blog post are © Leo Henry, and are used with permission.

I've been very privileged these last few years to build up a good working relationship with Youtube Media Don Leo Henry (best known by his moniker, Leokimvideo), and from time to time we exchange ideas and discuss the latest goings on, on the 'Tube.

Coming soon from Leo is a terrific video where he shows you how to power a Pez Thomas for HO track, along with related coaches, other engines and stock. He's allowed me a glimpse into the behind the scenes, and the photographs below are a small insight into what will be a VERY big video on Youtube.

As you can see, Leo has created a rather lovely period piece, of Thomas with Annie & Clarabel, to match the traditional Hornby train set variant.

This picture tells a thousand words - a lot of hard work went into preparing the Pez models and the Take'n'Play Thomas for film.

Look out for it - it is sure to be a brilliant video.

Until next time!

"Additions to the blog"

Following some good advice, I've started to create separate pages for the results in the Time Trials, Tug of Wars, and Haulage Capacity tests. Each one will have a separate video, along with results posted underneath.

You can click on the above pages to see my progress - currently only the Time Trial one is complete, as I am collating the results of the other two.


In other news, bowing to pressure from Youtubers in the know, I am going to have a rematch between Hornby and Bachmann Thomas. This is as a result of discovering that not every Hornby Thomas has traction tyres...!!!

Look out for that, in addition to August's Hornby VS Bachmann video.

Until next time!

Monday, 6 June 2011

"Hornby Railroad Tornado - Review"

“It's the best of British – a brand new, mainline steam locomotive for the 21st Century”

“The A1 Trust's number 60163, Tornado, is now available in model form, from Hornby!”

“How will the Mighty Tornado fare in this model review, with tests on style, strength and SHEER POWER?”

First Impressions

In 2008, 60163 Tornado was released to traffic for the first time, running in on the Great Central Railway in her grey livery, before being painted in her most recognisable British Railways Apple Green livery.

The locomotive was the culmination of a shared dream: People who shared a vision, and were determined to turn it into a reality.

The engine has achieved super star status, appearing markedly in the national press as the star of Top Gear's Race to the North – and now, it has been immortalised by Hornby in three model variations to be released this year.

The first, and the subject of this review, is the budget “Railroad” range Tornado.

On receiving the model, the first thing I noticed was a little sticker applied to the handsome yellow and red packaging – a “DCC Ready” sticker. The box is the standard Hornby affair, though annoyingly it does not use the plastic inserts of previous Railroad models, regressing somewhat to the polysterene tray of previous years.

At a first glance, the bulk of the new build Peppercorn A1 is captured extremely well. Most notable are the roller bearing axle boxes on tender and engine, the shape of the cab roof – unique to Tornado – the placement of the A1 whistle (different from the original engines) and the plain stovepipe chimney.

On the front bufferbeam, the electric lighting and their lamp brackets are absent, but the holes for their placement are not, leaving three distinct square holes in the running plate. The hole for the vacuum pipe in the bufferbeam is also present, but no detail is provided with this budget model to fit.

A spare pipe can be fitted very easily to the front end, improving the look.

The handrails on the cab, tender and smoke deflectors are moulded onto the model, much like the Railroad Flying Scotsman model. The handrail for the boiler is separately fitted.

The buffers are not sprung, and are moulded onto the model. This is something of a disappointment as my example had some damage to the right hand buffer. The plastic is clearly not durable enough, and caution is advised when handling the buffers. If you are brave enough, as I intend to be, to fit new buffers, spare sprung buffers can be obtained from Bachmann of the correct LNER type.

The tender shares this type of buffer. Detail on the rear of the tender body is crisply moulded, though again there is no vacuum pipe, but a hole for fitting one remains present.

The tender is probably the strongest part of the model, capturing every single unique detail of Tornado's tender, down to the anti-slide plating on the water tank, to the cabinet of dials on the front. The spoked wheels are a joy to behold, and capture the prototype extremely well.

The connection between the tender and locomotive is a simple bar arrangement, with two holes for changing the gap between cab and tender. This means the tender, like the Bachmann Peppercorn A1s, does not have pickups of any form.

This is the first time I have seen this particular arrangement on a Hornby model, and I don't like it very much. It seems a rather flimsy arrangement, compared with the other other Railroad Pacifics plug in connection.

The cab is also moulded very well, entirely in plastic and as part of the injection moulded bodyshell. Two cab seats are provided, one either side. The cab roof, though relatively plain, is a very accurate presentation of the prototype's different curvature to the roof.

The chassis is a very familiar affair, if you are familiar with Hornby's other Pacifics in their Railroad and Super Detail ranges. The cartazzi wheelset – the two small wheels under the cab – are flangeless, allowing the model to negotiate tight curves with ease. A relief for my tiny trainset!

The wheels have plastic centres, with metal rims pressed onto them. The only real complaint here is the colour of the plastic – it does not match the green of the bodyshell very well.

When lined up alongside two Bachmann Peppercorn A1s, the differences are clear. The top engine is Bachmann's W.P. Allen model, and the bottom is Bachmann's own model of Tornado, first released in 2010.

The first obvious difference between the three models is the application of their liveries. The Railroad is a budget model, and has a much simplified livery. The white/black/white lining of the prototype is reduced to simple white lining on the locomotive, and to white/green/white on the tender.

The extensive red lining on the running plate, and frames of the locomotive and tender have also been excluded. The overhead warning stickers are also absent.

At the front end, the white lining on the bufferbeam has also been excluded. For a budget model, this is understandable.

The nameplates are printed onto the smoke deflectors and are easily legible. The cabside numbers and British Railways branding on the tender are neatly applied too.

More disappointingly, no silver paint has been applied to the smokebox – one of Tornado's most recognisable features are her burnished smokebox straps and handrail, and to some extent this changes the “face” of the model somewhat. The very prominent chime whistle Tornado carries behind her right hand smoke deflector is there, but is both unpainted, and very plainly moulded.

This is a very minor quibble with an otherwise excellently painted model. The livery application is crisp and sharp, the model looking smart regardless of its much simplified livery.

Haulage Capacity

Each model has to pull a train of coaches, the standard coach being used for this test the ubiquitous Hornby Mk1 coach.

The weight of one Hornby Mk1 Coach is 5 ounces, roughly 140 grams. The Railroad Tornado weighed in at ounces, approximately grams, and its tender weighed in at ounces, approximately grams.

The model, according to Hornby, utilises a 3-pole motor, not a 5-pole one. It did not seem to make much of a difference, as the Tornado model was both quiet, smooth running, and powerful. 14 coaches were pulled on the level without any problems.

The only misgiving I have is the front bogie. Like all the Pacifics in the Hornby range, older types of pointwork seem to give these trouble. The Railroad Tornado derailed twice whilst conducting this test. Aside from that, it is a terrific model.

Recommended Retail Price

The recommended retail price for the Railroad Tornado model is £76.99. In comparison, the cost of a full spec A4 Pacific is now reaching the £140 mark, whereas the high spec Tornado model (not yet released) is £92.99. Until that model is released, it's fruitless to ask whether or not the Railroad model is value for money against it.

However, it is definitely value for money against the Bachmann Tornado model, with an RRP comparable to the Hornby A4s, of £141.95 – the next batch of these models will be released towards the end of next year.

Overall, I'm sold on the virtues of the Railroad range – affordable, well performing models that look enough like their prototypes to delight and entertain any child or railway enthusiast on their train set.

So on that bombshell, it's time to end – until next time, thank you for watching!

Sunday, 5 June 2011

"Edward's Exploit"

I've had a lot of mail regarding the Bachmann Edward this last week. What to say, how to say it, how much he can or can't pull. Pretty much every single person who has written in has said the Bachmann Edward was weak.

My layout is on the level - this I check and adjust every single time I film a review. The engines are tested thoroughly prior to filming - none of the shots I use in the Haulage tests are of the tests themselves.

This is due in no small part to the amount of time I spend checking the coaches run properly, that the models are working within reasonable parameters, and that I'm confident I will get decent footage from a particular angle later.

Well, I have just finished testing the two Edward models in the haulage stakes. Bear in mind the Hornby Edward shares the same tender drive as the James model, and just like its red sibling, the Hornby Edward pulled the maximum number of coaches my layout (a standard trainset oval) can hold - 14 coaches.

This should be absolutely no surprise to anyone. Hornby tender drive locomotives are monstrous haulers, and supremely fast. An old 9F (severely battered) I picked up from a charity shop a few weeks back was found to be in terrific running order, and its old, but still serviceable tender has gone to powering my girlfriend's father's Britannia tender drive model.

I had no expectations of the Bachmann Edward, however, based on what I was being told. It has been described as a "poor runner", "poor hauler", "weak" and similar.

So I went in with no expectations, and - well, let's just say I was amazed. The Bachmann Edward seems to have been the victim of rumour. My example just kept piling the coaches on. It was by no means as powerful as the Hornby Edward, or its closest associate, the Bachmann James, but for its weight (nearly 2/3rds as light as the Bachmann James), and its wheelbase, I came away extremely impressed with the model.

You'll find out the results of the Edward VS Edward Review on the 20th June, but suffice to say - the exploits of the Bachmann Edward have to be seen to be believed.

Until next time!

Thursday, 2 June 2011

"Storm Warning!"

Just had an email to inform me that a certain Railroad version of a popular new build Pacific locomotive is on its way. Expect a brief video review this week on said model, and a full Hornby VS Bachmann Tornado video when the super detail model emerges later this month.

Until next time!

Wednesday, 1 June 2011


Today I had quite a surprise. It looked like all of my Christmases had come at once!

Bachmann Edward, looking like he's rather happy to be at Copley Hill this morning. He won't be quite so happy after he's been put through his paces for the Edward VS Edward review! I'm staggered by the look of the Edward model. He's perfectly proportioned.

I have checked the Bachmann model against the TV series model all morning, aside from the obvious cab discrepancies (no fittings on all of the Bachmann models), Edward is a superb representation of that used in the Mitton directed episodes of Thomas & Friends. I haven't tested his performance yet, I fear, based on a few other reviews on Youtube, that I may yet be disappointed by this model...

There were several other models, all arriving at once. Not photographed yet, but present, were the Hornby Edward for the review - kindly provided by Gavin Rose of The Railways of Sodor fame. Thanks Gavin! :)

Also on loan from Gavin was the "missing twin" - I have found it nigh on impossible to get a "Bill" model in Hornby form, and now have all four for their review, which I am sure after this blog post may get the nod for the next review!

You may have noticed two diesel interlopers, lurking in the background...

Yes, Salty and Mavis have arrived! I plan on doing stand alone reviews for both models, and also putting them into a special four way "Day of the Diesels" special review, featuring the Hornby Diesel & Dart models.

Until next time - the Edward review is now in full production!

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

"Votes for the Month of May"

So, after every review video I make, I ask the question - who do you want to see next? And say the usual spiel of "put a comment in the video, or by PM, or whatever forum you're on", and it then takes me about a week and a half to tally up the votes from Youtube, The Sodor Island Forums, Sodor Island 3D, Sudrian Railway Modellers Forum, The Permanent Way Model Forum, the Bachmann USA Forums...and so on and so forth!

Although around 50-100 votes are on Youtube, and around 5-15 on each of those forums, the majority of the votes come in my inbox, with Youtubers giving me some terrific reasons as to why I should make a review on such and such character.

This month it's been a bit easier as people are homing in on specific characters more and more. Less votes for less well known characters, more votes on the major characters who are left.

So, if you haven't already guessed - the choice of the next video review is (drum roll), Edward the Blue Engine - coming in a red Hornby box, and a blue Bachmann Blister Pack.

The votes for the top five characters I tallied up since the 20th May are as follows:

1st - Edward - 257 Votes
2nd - Henry - 103 Votes
3rd - Gordon - 23 Votes
4th - Emily - 17 Votes
5th - Bill & Ben - 9 Votes

And the wooden spoon this week goes out to Lady...who got 11 votes despite not actually being a model in either the Bachmann or Hornby ranges. 11 of those votes were cast by the same person.

This I did not pick up on until writing this blog entry. Annoying.

Emily actually got 18 votes - 17 for, 1 against - first time that's happened, and it made me laugh to read it! Kudos to that viewer :)

Edward was by far and away the top choice this month, and that gives me great delight as he has been - and always shall be - my favourite character in the series. Closely followed by Gordon, for obvious reasons!

Drop me a line here in this blog entry if you have anything you feel absolutely MUST be discussed in the Edward VS Edward video - any and all suggestions gratefully received.

And of course, suggestions for an Ertl model in the "star on a reasonably priced flat truck" cameo - thanks to theirishthomas for that great suggestion on the Spencer video!

Until next time!

"A Pattern Emerges"

There's been a lot of talk recently on the Bachmann HO Thomas & Friends range, mostly centering on the strange, unannounced appearance of Emily's Coaches in the Large Scale Range.

They say there's no smoke without fire, so it seems perfectly natural to assume that a large scale Emily loco is in the works. Right?

Possibly yes, but we must also consider the precedents set by Hornby in previous years.

For example, not only was a Great Waterton set of resin buildings made by Hornby, to tie in with The Great Discovery, there was also "Stanley's Shed". The implication was, that Hornby intended to make the main character of The Great Discovery as a model. That never came to pass, and the buildings - which did not sell in great numbers at their release - have taken several years of dramatic RRP reductions in sales to disperse completely.

The question to pose - one that cannot be easily answered - is, would the set have sold better if Hornby had produced Stanley to go with them? I think so, purely on the basis that people like to collect all the different pieces of ranges such as these, and having a Stanley themed set, complete with shed, track, controller and trucks, would have been a better themed train-set to advertise The Great Discovery than the dirt encrusted Thomas that was sold instead!

Of course, there are further questions - has Stanley really been popular enough to warrant a model in either range? The engines which buck this trend must be the forthcoming Murdoch model in the Hornby range, and the Salty model in the Bachmann range. Neither of the two characters have really been seen as "popular" - Salty is a conveniently placed diesel most of the time, and Murdoch hasn't appeared for several years in the TV series - yet both are being produced/have been produced as models.

Arguably, given the new Railroad 9F models, Murdoch is a simple enough conversion - with echoes of the Hornby Spencer model reusing the Railroad A4's basic tooling. On that basis, the profit margins must be better than tooling up a whole new model for, say, a Stirling Single...!!!

So what of the popular characters? Duck is the missing link in the Bachmann range (and if we go by TV series accuracy, now has a chassis to go under his body, thanks in part to the introduction of the Scottish Twins), whereas the Scottish Twins are the missing link in Hornby's range.

I've always said that Hornby missed a trick by not simply tooling up a new bodyshell for their standard 0-6-0 chassis, and marrying that with the tender tooling off the Caledonian Single. You would have a very convincing Donald or Douglas model with little in the way of new tooling required.

Several people have actually done just that, and a few people have gone further, making their own loco bodies and tenders from scratch, to fit the standard Hornby 0-6-0 Chassis.

Getting back to the idea of a pattern emerging - does this mean that Emily will be produced in large scale? This reviewer says no, purely on the basis that such an announcement would have raised the roof with Thomas modellers everywhere. Emily is a popular character, and a large scale model would be highly desirable. Releasing her coaches, to me, says they are testing the water as to whether a large scale Emily would sell.

On that bombshell, I'll leave you with this question.

What characters can potentially be produced by reusing existing manufacturing tools by Hornby & Bachmann?

Post your answers in the comments section of this blog - I'll discuss the best ideas later in the week. Until next time!

Monday, 30 May 2011

"Hero of the Scales - Now Live!"

Well, today's the day! After much delay and hard work, the "Hero of the Scales" blog is finally live!

All the posts have been moved over from the Copley Hill Blog, giving the Thomas Model Reviews a blog in their own right.

Here's to a few years of fun with the toy trains - I'm now off to have a cup of tea before bed!

Until next time!

Friday, 20 May 2011

"Hornby Spencer VS Bachmann Spencer: Thomas & Friends Range UK vs USA!!!"

It's the battle of the A4 Pacifics - who will win in this streamlined special review?

Until next time!

Monday, 9 May 2011

"Hornby VS Bachmann: Q&A"

I've had a lot of mail recently about my "Hornby VS Bachmann" series of videos. In writing up the script for the latest video, I've come to appreciate further the extent to which Thomas & Friends fans extol the virtues of one range over another.

There's been a lot of questions which I'll try to answer in full in this blog post Q&A. I've even thrown in one bizarre complaint for good measure! So here goes:

Q) Do you make the videos for kids, or parents?

A)My videos are really aimed at the parents of children who'll buy one or the other of the brand, but I thought I'd make it watchable for all ages. That's why it is broken up into sections, making it better digested as a video review.

Q) Is power everything? You put a lot of emphasis on power in the videos...!

A) No, power isn't everything. The Haulage and Tug of War tests are generally used to discern the full potential of the model's mechanical abilities. It must be said, generally the Bachmann range is made to suit a cheaper RRP (Recommended Retail Price), and thus the mechanisms are normally simpler.

Q) Did you use a gloss or semi-gloss black paint to fix the Bachmann James livery issue?

A) It was a gloss black - Humbrol no.21, specifically. I used Tamiya masking tape to get the shape of the smokebox correct, and also prevent the white footplate from being smudged.

The wheels were simpler: I taped up the flanges, and removed the coupling rods, before applying with gentle brushstrokes the same no.21 gloss black. I repeated the process for the tender wheels and axle boxes.

I may yet do a video on how to fix the many livery errors and problems with some of the models. Certainly my Bachmann Percy has become the most modified of my fleet with sprung buffers, repainting and refining the plastic bodyshell further. Pity about the face, but never mind!

Q) Why did Henry have Gordon's face in the Toby Review?

A) It was a little aside to "Peter Sam and the Refreshment lady" - where this switching of faces really did occur in the Television series!

Q) Why did Gordon have Henry's tender in the Toby Review?

A) That was an aside to the episode "It's good to be Gordon", which was a significant part of the plot!

Q) What's been your favourite model to review so far?

A) The James Review has been my favourite so far - the two models were equally good in many ways, and opened up interesting points and discussions on the video itself. The Bachmann James really did impress me, despite its annoying livery errors.

Q) Will you do Lady next?

A) No, I will not do a video review of "Lady". This is down to two very important points.

1) Neither Hornby nor Bachmann make a model of "Lady", and

2) Neither Hornby or Bachmann make a model of "Lady".

I'm aware that was technically the same point, but felt it so important that it was worth saying it twice!

Q) That is just plain harsh at the end about ''garden sheds'' not being allowed to compete (see the Toby Review? )! Or was it just that the two Toby models got owned so badly that it was a bad idea to put the footage in..?

A) One of the two Toby models failed prior to filming the Team Tug of War. Rather than leaving it out altogether, I put together a short film whereby Team Thomas won the Team Tug of War...again!

Q) It bothers me when you say "Backman". Its not bark-man either! It's Bachmann, you have to make the noise at the back of the mouth. If you cant be bothered to get the German right its just ignorant.

A) I'm British, born in Hong Kong whose first languages are English and Cantonese - German (which is where the name originally comes from) is not a language I speak with much clarity as I find languages difficult. Incidentally, your phonetic pronunciation is wrong. The correct phonetic pronunciation of the name is "BAHK-muhn".

A point of interest: Bachmann is in fact an American company, with a Chinese parent company (Kader), originally founded in 1833 by one Henry Carlisle.

Q) How much do these videos cost to make?

A) Each and every model has had to be purchased in and around their RRP (though I shop around to try and get the cheapest deals possible). Two people have donated models to the reviews, for which I am very grateful, and they are linked to in shout-outs throughout each specific review. The Gordon review terrifies me, as the Hornby Gordon has an RRP of £110...that's $180.19!!!

Q) What models do you think Bachmann and Hornby should make for the ranges in future?

A) I'm a firm believer in "playing to one's strengths", and on that basis, I think Hornby could do no better than to give the British Public what they want: and follow Bachmann's lead in making a set of Donald & Douglas models. They could be easily made as a bodyshell to fit the standard 0-6-0 chassis (which their Thomas and Duck models share), with a new tender specially tooled up (or borrowed from the Caledonian 123 model).

Bachmann should get in on the ground floor and make Hiro, the D51 engine first seen in Hero of the Rails. He's a popular character who would make a very handsome and significantly popular model - who wouldn't want to recreate the chase scenes with their Bachmann Thomas, Spencer and Hiro?

But if they wanted to listen to the fans more closely, then the money's on Duck appearing. There's no excuse for not making everyone's favourite Pannier Tank.

That's all for now from the Q&A - until next time, where we'll see Spencer the Hornby Engine take on Spencer the Bachmann Engine...!

Saturday, 23 April 2011

"Hornby Toby VS Bachmann Toby: Thomas & Friends Range UK vs USA!!!"

Who will win in the battle of the trams? It's Toby Versus Toby! Don't forget to vote for the next subject in the Hornby VS Bachmann Series!

Until next time!

Thursday, 17 March 2011

"Hornby James VS Bachmann James: Thomas & Friends Range UK vs USA!!!"

Come in, RED FIVE! It's James VS James in this latest video review. Watch to the end for the bonus "Team Tug of War" smackdown!

Monday, 14 March 2011


Credit to Davey for the title of this latest blog entry - you know what I'm talking about, SiF in York 2010 members!

Yes, after a protracted delay, the James video is back on as a replacement James model was sourced (not saying which - that would spoil the intention of a balanced review!)

I can say for a start - so many people have put the lamp irons on the Hornby James upside down on the retailers sites, its not funny anymore...!

Until next time!

Sunday, 20 February 2011

"Hornby Percy VS Bachmann Percy: Thomas & Friends Range UK vs USA!!!"

Yes, it's that time again - another Hornby VS Bachmann Review - with a surprise twist at the end once again...!

Sunday, 13 February 2011

"A Predicament involving Percy"

Yes, the character for the next review has been picked. Everyone's favourite little green engine, Percy, is the next choice in the Hornby VS Bachmann debate!

Coming soon!